BREAKING: New NPR story makes the case. Call now to keep FERC shut down.

Shut Down FERC!A great new NPR report out today shows why we need to stop the Senate from restoring a quorum at FERC.1 This is one of those media articles — well researched, solidly written, and beamed to a national audience of millions on public radio this morning — that can change a campaign.

And the timing is perfect: If we can block a vote for another few weeks, we can prevent approval of any more fracked gas pipelines this summer — because FERC will be without a quorum at least until September.

But one news story isn’t enough to change 51 Senators’ minds. So I’m asking you to back up your email with a call TODAY.

Call Your Senators at (202) 224-3121 
(you’ll need to tell the operator which Senators you want to talk to or which state you live in), and urge them to vote “NO” on Trump’s Nominees for FERC.

You can simply say:

I am calling to urge Senator ___________ to vote against President Trump’s two nominees, Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson, to be commissioners of FERC. Their records make clear that they will do little or nothing to stop FERC’s rubber-stamping approval of fracked gas pipelines proposed by the fracked gas industry. Senator _______________ needs to stand up for our climate, against eminent domain abuse and for clean air and water by voting “no” on these FERC nominees.

Once you’ve called, click here to let us know how it went and share the action with friends. You can also get help contacting your Senators on Twitter or checking in with other callers on Facebook!

FERC-approved pipelines release climate changing emissions and induce more drilling, fracking and fossil fuel use which, according to experts, could tip us over the climate changing cliff. The NPR story out today also digs into the possible illegal way that utilities self-deal themselves these pipeline projects to make big bucks at the expense of our climate. Right now, FERC can’t approve any pipelines or LNG export facilities because they don’t have the legal quorum necessary to cast binding vote. Help us keep it that way.

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