Let’s get specific about the Summer of Heat on Wall Stret

In less than three weeks days, the Summer of Heat will launch with actions to shut down Citibank’s HQ every day, for an entire week – June 10-14. We already kicked things off with the Spring spark actions, which shut down fossil fuel funding banks in lots of cities, including a two day shutdown of the same Citi office in Manhattan.

And that’s just the beginning! We will be taking action week after week, month after month, all summer long. To get plugged into the actions, join the SOH Mass Action Call this Thursday, 730-900pm ET.

On the call, we will share

  • Detailed plans about the first week of the Summer of Heat on Wall Street, June 10-14.
  • The initial plans for the first month of actions – including a Gulf solidarity week, youth action, and elders action weeks.
  • The vision for the a whole summer of nonviolent civil disobedience against the banks, investors and insurance companies bankrolling climate chaos

We will also share what kind of support you’ll receive when taking action with the Summer of Heat campaign, connect you with action groups, and the logistics team (where I’m at!) — so that you can easily plug into as many actions as you want, and get useful info on housing, local laws & legal info, and more.

Over the last 8 years, Citi has done more than any other bank in the world to finance new coal mines, oil pipelines, and fracked gas projects. This summer, we’re going to hold them accountable. RSVP for the call here.