Save Juliana – the youth led climate case for all of us.

For the last four years, we’ve been telling you about the Juliana v. United States climate case, in which 21 young Americans are suing the federal government for the right to a safe habitable climate under the Constitutions guarantee of “life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

We’ve been calling on President Biden — the ‘world’s best’ climate grandpa — to stop order his Attorney General to stop obstructing the case. A few months ago, we warned that despite a favorable ruling from a circuit court judge, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) might try a sneaky legal motion called a writ of mandamus to keep the case from going to trial.

Well, the worst has happened. Just weeks ago, the 21 Juliana youth were headed to trial. But now, DOJ is abusing that mandamus motion to rip the case out of the normal legal process. Out of 40,000+ cases in front of the DOJ, these extreme legal tactics are only being used against ONE case: Juliana.  And now, there’s only one person who can save Juliana: President Biden.

Click here to send an email to President Biden and his top legal and climate advisors urging them to save the Juliana ‘Youth v Gov’ climate case, and let these young people have their day in court.

A lot of folks have become familiar with the Juliana case through the Netflix documentary, Youth v Gov, But in case you missed it, here’s the back-story:

Originally filed in 2015, the constitutional climate lawsuit asserts that the Federal government’s actions knowingly cause climate change, in direct violation of everyone, but especially young people’s, constitutional rights.  In the nearly nine years since the case was filed, the DOJ has made twenty-two attempts to kill Juliana. No other case in history has faced this kind of government persecution.

President Biden campaigned on a promise to listen to young people, fight the climate crisis, and be America’s #1 climate grandparent. But his DOJ is still actively opposing the Juliana case, denying young people their rights and seeking to prevent a judge from seeing evidence in open court about how the US government is causing harm.

NOW, the Juliana youth have to fight to be heard once more and it’s up to us to rally around them. 

If the DOJ succeeds with its mandamus motion, the Juliana 21 won’t be heard in open court. If we succeed, the Juliana 21 will go to trial and they will win—and force the United States and President Biden to declare a climate emergency and end the era of fossil fuels. 

You can help—Climate youth are calling all allies to use our voices NOW. Tell the Biden Administration and the DOJ: We demand the Juliana 21 be heard at trial. 

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  1. We demand the Juliana 21 be heard at trial. Thank you so very much!!