Ceasefire Now.

People all over the world mourn and deplore the recent murder, violence, and hostage-taking in Israel and Gaza. But violence cannot drive out violence, and hate cannot end hate. As Representative Cori Bush said:

“I am grieving for every Palestinian, Israeli, and American life lost to this violence, and my heart breaks for all those who will be forever traumatized because of it. War and retaliatory violence doesn’t achieve accountability or justice; it only leads to more death and human suffering.”​


Add your voice to the global chorus calling for a ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and the chance for peace. Click here to ask your member of Congress, Senators, and President Biden to support a Ceasefire NOW.

A ceasefire does not assign or deflect blame from either Hamas or Israel. Instead it recognizes that an escalation in violence will save no lives, and it will give time and opportunity for hostages to be returned safely, and for civilians — including Americans — to be evacuated or relocated to safe zones.

But despite polls showing that the American people do not support an escalation to the war and conflict in the region, President Biden has already begun sending more military support to the Israeli government, and is requesting record-breaking funds to send more munitions for fighter jets and other weapons.

To send weapons and military support to the Israeli government when its leaders are publicly stating their violent intentions is to knowingly facilitate collective punishment and war crimes. The U.S. already sends $3.8 billion in unconditional military funding to the Israeli military every single year, perpetuating the cycle of war and violence, and deepening the climate crisis at the same time.

Fortunately, members of Congress have already put forward a ceasefire resolution in the House, and international partners have done the same at the United Nations. UN Secretary General Guterres, Pope Francis, members of Congress and other world leaders are calling for peace in one voice.

Take action with them and millions of people around the world calling for peace and a ceasefire now.