Let’s win a fair contract for UAW workers and the climate!

October 26 update – Ford and the U.A.W. have reached a tentative contract agreement. That means our pressure is working, and thousands of Ford workers can get back to work from the picket lines while they consider this contract. But it also means that pressure is increasing on General Motors and Stellantis (which makes Jeeps, Chryslers, and more) to also make an offer.

This is a huge win for our campaign to make sure the Green New Deal of the future is union made. As UAW president Shawn Fain said:

“We made history. We told Ford to pony up, and they did.”


Now its time for the rest of the Big Three automakers to follow suit. Help us keep the pressure on.

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October 16 update – Did you catch this news on the UAW strike? Our pressure is working! The President of Ford motor company, Bill Ford, is calling for an end to the strike. But what Ford, and the rest of the Big 3 Auto makers haven’t done yet is agreed to the UAW’s demands for a fair contract. And, as UAW Shawn Fain said in response, he “knows exactly how to end this strike.”

Ford, GM and Stellantis made a combined $250 Billion (with a b) dollars in North American profits over the last decade. But UAW members still have yet to get their fair share. In his comments today, Ford specifically mentioned the transition to electric vehicles – citing a “threat” to US jobs from companies like Tesla.

Ford, Trump, and others are trying to pit workers against consumers and environmentalists. But we know that the United Autoworkers are standing up to raise standards at the Big Three and for every worker, and to secure a just transition and a good green new deal for all.

October 10 message – The United Auto Workers (UAW) is in a historic Stand Up Strike at General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis — collectively the ‘Big 3 Auto’ companies. At stake is not just the wages and benefits of thousands of union autoworkers, but the future of our Build Back Better agenda and a just transition to a Green New Deal.

The UAW is fighting for all workers to have a say, decent pay, and basic dignity in the transition to the clean economy that runs on renewable electricity, not fossil fuels. When the UAW wins, we all win, and the dream of a Green New Deal takes an important step towards reality.

But the Big 3, which collectively made more than $250 billion in profit over the last 10 years, haven’t agreed —yet. And Trump and his fossil fuel fascist party have attempted to pit climate action against the workers by claiming that a transition to electric cars will cost us jobs and prosperity. We need to stand up and speak out together to show we’re united for a strong contract, a just transition, and clean cars – NOW. Sign to stand with us and the UAW.

We’re proud to be one of more than 120 climate and social justice organizations that signed an open letter to Big 3 Auto CEOs demanding that they meet UAW’s contract demands. We know that solidarity is how we ensure that the auto industry’s clean energy transition is a just transition too. And that’s why the UAW was proud to win a concession from General Motors last week that to bring their EV battery plant into the union.

But the historic strike is still on-going, with a once-in-a-generation chance to shape the clean energy transition. Historic change requires historic levels of solidarity. So we’re calling on you to Stand Up and stand with UAW auto workers on strike.

Sign the petition to support striking auto workers and help them win demands that will ensure the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is one that is socially, environmentally, and economically just.

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  1. I stand in solidarity with you. Your fight for a fair contract will prevail and will help other workers around the world. Stay strong