Montana Youth prove that Exxon Knew, and DOJ can make them pay

Climate youth are winning victories in court that prove A) Exxon and the fossil fuel industry knew about climate change decades ago; B) lied about it an lobbied our state, local, and federal government to block change; And C) that makes them liable for damages caused to the climate and the livable future young people are guaranteed from the Declaration of Independence to the US Constitution as rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

And yet, President Biden’s Department of Justice is arguing that there is “no Constitutional right to a stable climate.” The DOJ’s position is not just frustrating and wrong. It’s the source of Biden’s inaction on climate change, and it’s holding him back from actions we need to take – like declaring a climate emergency and ending the era of fossil fuels.

Fortunately, the recent court victories prove that we can hold big oil accountable. And the recent rulings give Biden’s DOJ a license, and a moral authority, to sue the fossil fuel industry. Sign now to tell DOJ to stop dragging it’s feet and sue the big oil bastards!

Here’s what’s been happening. Last week a Montana judge ruled that all fossil fuel permits in the state must stop because they violate young people’s constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment. A lot of us have been following the case because it’s the first trial of this kind that has pitted youth v local gov in court. And many of you have previously take action to support and stand with young people represented by the same lawyers in the Juliana Youth v US Gov federal case.

The Montana victory means there’s now established precedent to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for their lies and actions. In the 1990s, the DOJ held major tobacco companies liable for violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The fossil fuel industry has broken laws in perpetuating lies about the climate crisis. And now the DOJ must hold the industry accountable.

Unfortunately, the Montana Legislature, which is dominated by fossil fuel fascists, will likely appeal. And even if we win on appeal, those same climate denying legislators are in charge of implementing the ruling. But even if Montana legislators block, obfuscate, or delay action on this “Groundbreaking” decision – we now have all the evidence and precedent we need for the US Department of Justice Sue the fossil fuel industry. Sign now to tell DOJ to sue the fossil fuel industry!

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  1. Good for the Youth of Montana – standard bearers for the Youth in other states to follow. Since there is now a precedent the DoJ can link it back to the Constitution which while failing in some areas that no-one could have thought of two centuries ago was ahead of its time in other areas such as clean air