Stand with the Youth to tell DOJ: Don’t Mandamus Us! Sue the fossil fuel industry instead.

Aug 15 update – Exciting news! In a “groundbreaking” decision, a Montana judge has ruled in favor youth plaintiffs in a case that pitted Youth vs the Montana Government and accused state officials of violating their right to a healthy environment.

It’s the first time a youth climate trial of this kind has gotten a favorable ruling from a state court, and the Montana trial was the US’s first constitutional climate trial earlier this year. Unfortunately, Montana is likely to appeal the decision, and their fossil fueled legislature would have to implement the ruling, which is unlikely to turn out the way we want. But the really good news is that this Montana verdict is proof that the fossil fuel industry broke the law with their lies. And it can open the door to more court cases, and more action by the Department of Justice as a result.

Take a second and sign our new petition to tell the Department of Justice to sue the fossil fuel industry!

And if you haven’t already, read on below or use this link to send an email to the Department of Justice right now asking them to stop dismissing youth, and all of us, and allow the Juliana case to proceed to trial.

June 27 message – We’ve told you before about the historic, youth-led, Juliana v. United States climate case. But there’s been an urgent development, and now the Juliana youth need us to stand with them again.

Last Thursday, June 22nd, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed to dismiss the famous “Youth v Gov” climate case. Biden’s DOJ decision is only the latest slap in the face to millions of young Americans who’ve asked him to act like the climate president he claims to be. It’s doubly disappointing that Biden would choose to got this route since it continues the climate-denying legal legacy of the Trump administration, and defies a favorable ruling from a U.S. District Court Judge that the case could proceed to trial.

It also tries to dismiss al of us, and our climate action. 198 methods was one of more than 255 organizations that signed a letter, and many of your were among the 50,000+ individuals who signed a petition, urging Attorney General Garland to end opposition to the Juliana case proceeding to trial. Less than 24 hours after we delivered your signatures and our demands, the DOJ proposes to dismiss us, and the entire Juliana lawsuit.

Send an email to the Department of Justice right now asking them to stop dismissing youth, and all of us, and allow the Juliana case to proceed to trial.

In 2015, 21 youth and their organizational and legal partners filed a constitutional climate lawsuit: Juliana v. United States, against the U.S. government. Their complaint asserts that, through the government’s affirmative actions that cause climate change, it has violated young people’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, as well as failed to protect essential public resources. You may also have heard about the Held v. State of Montana trial– the first ever children’s constitutional climate trial in the U.S – which just wrapped up in Montana.

The DOJ has clearly heard about Juliana, Held and all the other cases asserting young peoples’ Constitutional right to a safe, livable climate. As a President who claims to be a climate leader and America’s #1 grandpop, you’d think that President Biden would allow the youth to be heard and have their day in court – especially since that’s what a Judge just ordered!

But this motion to dismiss is just a first step to prevent or delay a federal trial. Attorneys at the DOJ told us last week that they haven’t yet decided whether they will file another petition for Writ of Mandamus if they fail to win their motion to dismiss – so we still have time to act!

Send an email to the Department of Justice right now telling them to let the youth be heard!

After you’ve signed, you may want to spread the word on social media, urging friends and family to take action too, by using the Don’t Mandamus Toolkit! *We are in a critical window for action before the DOJ responds again. Help reach a goal of 10,000 emails sent by June 30th!