Pissed at Biden? Don’t get mad, organize.

Are you angry Biden approved the Willow Arctic oil project? Are you pissed the Department of Energy approved the massive Alaska LNG project just a few days later? Are you so angry you could chew up and spit out the Department of Interior’s plan to sell an Italy-sized chunk of the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling?

You should be angry. President Biden lied to us, and his Administration is on pace to approve more fossil fuel drilling and infrastructure than Trump.

But as the old saying goes, don’t get mad – organize. Specifically, make a plan to join us and our allies from the People vs Fossil Fuels movement this Wednesday, April 19, at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific for an End the Era of Fossil Fuels Mobilization Call.

On the call you’ll hear from frontline leaders of anti-fossil fuel fights across the country, grounding ourselves in the legacy of Indigenous leadership in Fossil Fuel Resistance and learning more from those leading the charge against the Willow project, as well as from youth organizers about ways to skill up and plug in to upcoming campaigns.

This virtual call is only the start of a year filled with climate action, trainings, and mass mobilization. We’re building towards actions in June that will call out the Biden Administration. And in September, we’re planning for a major mobilization at the UN climate leadership conference.

It’s not too late, and none too early, for Biden to act like the climate president he promised to be. But the President isn’t likely to change his frankly disastrous pattern of behavior over the last few weeks unless he sees, hears, and feels a massive backlash.

If you’re pissed off, and more importantly ready to take action, join the End the Era of Fossil Fuels Mobilization Call at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET this Wednesday!