This Wednesday, stand with Starbucks workers for people and planet

For more than a year, Starbucks workers have joined together, raised their voices, cast ballots and gone on strike to demand Starbucks respect their right to a union. Workers are asking for simple things, like a voice in their workplace over pay and scheduling. Starbucks, which posted $3.3 billion in profits last year, has responded with a brutal, bullying anti-union campaign of threats, intimidation, firings, store closings and refusing to meet workers at the bargaining table–becoming the most prolific union buster in U.S. history.

At the same time, as we’ve told you before, Starbucks has been utterly failing at its own goals to reduce global warming pollution. Their own research shows that pollution from their US operations continues to go up, even as workers advocate for stronger sustainability goals through the union.

On Tuesday, March 22, Starbucks will host a celebration of CEO, union buster, and greenwasher in chief Howard Schultz. That same day, Starbucks workers are asking allied organizations like us to take action across the country and hold Starbucks accountable for their greenwashing and union busting.

Can you join us on March 22 to send Starbucks a strong message that we won’t tolerate their greenwashing and worker bullying? Click here to RSVP and stay up to date on our action plan.

Want to host an event but don’t know where to start? Click here for a toolkit with step by step instructions, materials, and more.

As we’ve told you before, in 2019, Starbucks promised to cut global warming pollution from all its operations by 50% by 2030. But Starbucks’ big climate promise is a lie: since promising to cut emissions, Starbucks has actually emitted MORE global warming pollution, year after year, every year, even when the pandemic forced them to close stores and reduce operations.

But while Starbucks’ emissions and pollution keep going up, their workers remain committed to sustainability. The Starbucks Workers United union even put out a statement supporting our movement’s #StopWillow campaign last week!

On the eve of the 2023 Starbucks Annual Shareholders Meeting, while Starbucks investors and board members throw a posh gala for outgoing CEO Howard Schultz in Seattle, workers and their allies will converge on downtown Seattle to make it an accountability day and call on Howard Schultz and his board of directors to STOP UNION BUSTING. In solidarity with the flagship event in Seattle, Starbucks workers and allies like us are hosting events at stores from coast to coast. Nearly 100 events are already planned, and more are being added all the time.

Now, more than ever, we must stand with Starbucks workers and hold Starbucks accountable for its bullying. Sign up to stand with workers on March 22.