Are you ready to break up a big, dirty bank this week?

This Tuesday, March 21, is our big day of action to demand banks stop funding climate chaos. I’m on my way to DC, to join Sierra Club Director ben Jealous and Third Act founder Bill McKibben for a “rocking chair rebellion” by older activists, backed up by plenty of art, music, and direct action in the streets.

There’s plenty of work to do to get ready, so I’ll keep this message short. Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. If you haven’t already, RSVP for an event in your community on 3.21.23 – there are now about 100 different protests and rallies planned, and there’s still time to add one more if you’ve got a local bank branch and a few friends. Click here to get more information and check the map.
  2. Chip in to support our work – we’re bringing time, experience, and a big digital audience to the 3.21.23 day of action. We’re also chipping in to help cover the costs of housing and feeding activists in DC, bringing in national speakers, and more. If you appreciate these tools and reminders, chip in $1.98 to keep them free and available to all.
  3. Share on social media – this weekend is our last best chance to recruit new people of all ages to join the day of action on Tuesday. Click here for a toolkit, or use the quick links below to spread the word and encourage everyone to join us next week!

See you at the Bank!