Tell Chase bank to Defund Climate Chaos

JPMorgan Chase is the dirtiest bank in the world. Since the Paris climate agreement was signed, they’ve invested more than $382 billion in fossil fuels.

On May 17 thousands of investors will be at the Chase annual shareholder meeting, and they’ll have a chance to vote on a climate resolutions calling for an end to fossil fuel expansion.

In solidarity with youth leaders rallying outside the meeting in New York, and in coordination with dozens of partner groups who are part of the Stop the Money pipeline coalition, we are demanding that chase and all US banks and insurance companies end any financial services for any company that is expanding its fossil fuel operations.

Are you with us? Click here to send a letter to Chase Bank’s CEO and top executives demanding the defund climate chaos.

Our shareholder resolutions are grounded in climate science, and call for action in line with what everyone from the UN climate scientists to the International Energy Agency agree is necessary. Similar resolutions at the shareholder meetings of Bank of America, Citibank, and Wells Fargo were supported by investors representing more than $65 billion in capital.

Chase has promised to achieve “net zero emissions” by 2050, but they opposed allowing their shareholders to vote on this and other resolutions that would force them to take meaningful climate action. This highlights just how hypocritical Chase and their senior management are.

Take two minutes now to send an email to the CEO and senior management of the world’s largest fossil fuel investor.