Tell the Army Corps to shut the MVP down for good!

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is four years behind schedule, $3 billion over budget and has already racked up $2.7 million in fines. The project should have been stopped or canceled dozens of times, but instead they are applying for another permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. If approved, it will allow the MVP to cross 600 rivers and streams.

Comments are due by midnight Friday on this latest docket. Can you send a quick letter, right now, to the Army Corps telling them it’s time to shut down the MVP for good?

The MVP is a 303 mile long fracked gas pipeline from Wetzel County, WV, to Pittsylvania County, VA. Along the way it would cross the Appalachian trail, hundreds of rivers and streams, and require clear-cutting wide tracks of the Appalachian mountains. For years resistance has built against the MVP — including countless community rallies, several long-standing tree sits, and blockades by activists.

You may remember that MVP’s first attempt at a stream crossing permit from the Army Corps of Engineers was vacated by a federal court in 2019. Now, the MVP is back again.

It’s time to stop this ill-conceived project once and for all. Tell the Army Corps of Engineers to deny the MVP’s request and shut this pipeline down.


  1. JESUS, you guys!!! PRESERVE what we have left. This is a NO BRAINER. GOD!

  2. People can’t eat and drink oil – please save the environment so people can live with clean air and water. Spills and leaks and refining our killing millions.