Hot week of DC Action coming up – meet me downtown?

President Biden isn’t taking the action we need on climate change – and even worse he’s siding with Trump-era judges, GOP Senators, and other climate-deniers to block progress and enable pipelines and pollution. That’s why, all this week, we’re taking action to pressure Biden and Congress to cut the crap – stop negotiating with the GOP, and commit to the kind of bold climate action he promised on the campaign trail. Can you join us in Washington DC?

  • On Monday, we’re joining youth leaders from the Sunrise Movement at the White House as they demand Biden stop negotiating with the GOP, and commit to bold climate action and fully fund a civilian climate corps. Click here to join us.
  • On Tuesday we’ll be at Congress, rallying with progressive leaders in the House of Representatives to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and show that infrastructure laws that fail to act on climate will not have the votes to pass in the House. Click here to join us in person, or online.
  • Finally, on Wednesday, we’ll follow the leadership of indigenous leaders and climate activists from all over North America as they rally to demand protect people, not polluters, and enact a bold climate justice infrastructure bill. Click here to learn more and sign up to join us.

I asked the rest of the country to sign this petition to the Biden Administration to Block all new fossil fuel projects and invest in a clean energy future. And you should feel free to do that too. But what we really need – now, this week, is a big show of people in the streets.

I don’t think Joe Biden is a bad man – and he’s nowhere near as dangerous as Trump was to our Democracy, civil rights, or human rights. But last week Biden’s climate policy was a dumpster-fire. We need to take determined action right now to get the White House back on track, or we may lose our opportunity to tackle the climate crisis before it’s too late.

If you’ve ever looked back on the early days of the Obama Administration, when the cap and trade bill failed and action on climate change ground to a halt for more than 5 years — this is one of those moments. Biden’s first 100 days looked good! But last week he backed the Line 3 pipeline, promised to begin drilling for oil and gas on public lands again soon, and negotiated a worse-than-useless infrastructure bill with Sen Lindsey Graham that will only make the climate crisis much, much worse.

And if you can only make one event this week – come to the White House on June 30. Indigenous leaders from across the country are calling us to action that day to tell President Biden stop dirty pollution projects in our communities. From Line 3 to the Mountain Valley Pipeline and beyond, President Biden must prioritize racial justice, Indigenous rights, housing justice and transit justice in the infrastructure discussions.

On June 30, our demands for President Biden are simple and clear. President Biden must:

    Use your executive authority to stop approving fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency. Fossil fuel pipelines, infrastructure, exports, and leases fuel the climate emergency, pollute in Black & Brown communities, and violate treaty rights. Act now to end the era of fossil fuel production, protect our communities, and Build Back Fossil Free.
    Use your bully pulpit to make sure Congress includes strong climate, Indigenous rights, housing justice, racial justice, and transit justice commitments in an infrastructure bill. Build on the Thrive Agenda, to build a climate care economy, good jobs for all, an end to fossil fuel subsidies and a renewable energy standard!

This action is being called for and coordinated by frontline, indigenous and female leaders. It is essential that all of us show up in deep respect, and summon our courage to take action following their instructions. Come join us June 30 at the White house, or anytime this week in DC – thanks!