Join the rally in the valley to clean up the TVA!

The Tennessee Valley Authority – TVA – is one of the largest utilities in the nation, providing electricity for 10 million people. And it has a long history of bringing benefits and power to communities in Appalachia. But the TVA of today is a disgrace to it’s progressive roots.

Today’s TVA still gets almost all it’s power from polluting fossil fuels. And TVA is one of the biggest investors in *new* fossil fuels for electric power generation. And new reports show that they are specifically rewarding executives for keeping the region hooked on fossil fuels. From 2020-2023, TVA executives pocketed $90 million in executive pay, including more than $3 million from fossil fuel incentives. And all these payouts all come from ratepayers.

TVA customers deserve a better, cleaner future. Which is why we’re supporting the Rally for the Valley in Nashville on May 8, 2024. Ahead of TVA’s annual board meeting, we’re mobilizing to demand our country’s largest federal utility stop their gas buildout and engage communities in their decision making.

Date: Wednesday, May 8th
Time: 4:30pm Central (directly after the TVA listening session)
Location: Musician’s Corner (2500 West End Ave), Centennial Park, Nashville, TN
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The future TVA is building is one with more gas plants, fossil fuels, and out of control greed. Left unchecked, TVA will leave the community with more pollution, higher utility bills, and an uncertain future. The TVA board has the power to change this and we’re demanding action now. They must stop this reckless gas buildout and put the health and safety of communities first.

At this rally you’ll hear from community members & leaders on the frontlines of TVA’s gas buildout. There will also be a live concert with local musicians. You won’t want to miss it! Together, we will send a clear message that it’s time to #CleanUpTVA!

Join us on May 8th! Or, if you can’t attend in person or online, use this toolkit to spread the word!