Hot week of action coming up

Update for July 15 – A few weeks ago we messaged you that Biden wasn’t taking the action we need on climate change. Since then, and thanks to our calls, emails, actions and pressure – Biden has changed his tone, but he hasn’t changed his policy on fossil fuel infrastructure, yet.

Biden and team have backed off pushing their toothless, no-climate bipartisan infrastructure plan. And just this week, Progressives celebrated agreement on a $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan which includes strong action on climate change. BUT – and it’s a big but – there has still been no announcement from the Biden team about ending new fossil fuel projects like Line 3, Line 5, and dozens of fracked gas pipelines, compressor stations and export terminals.

Can you help us seal the deal by signing this petition to the Biden Administration to Block all new fossil fuel projects and invest in a clean energy future.

Our original post from 2 weeks ago is below, so you can see how far we’ve come

President Biden isn’t taking the action we need on climate change – and even worse he’s siding with Trump-era judges, GOP Senators, and other climate-deniers to block progress and enable pipelines and pollution. That’s why, all this week, we’re taking action to pressure Biden and Congress to cut the crap – stop negotiating with the GOP, and commit to the kind of bold climate action he promised on the campaign trail.

  • On Monday, we’re joining youth leaders from the Sunrise Movement at the White House as they demand Biden stop negotiating with the GOP, and commit to bold climate action and fully fund a civilian climate corps. Click here to join us.
  • On Tuesday we’ll be at Congress, rallying with progressive leaders in the House of Representatives to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and show that infrastructure laws that fail to act on climate will not have the votes to pass in the House. Click here to join us in person, or online.
  • Finally, on Wednesday, we’ll follow the leadership of indigenous leaders and climate activists from all over North America as they rally to demand protect people, not polluters, and enact a bold climate justice infrastructure bill. Click here to learn more and sign up to join us.

Wherever you live, whatever you’re doing – please support us this week by signing this petition to the Biden Administration to Block all new fossil fuel projects and invest in a clean energy future. Then tune in with us all this week on Facebook as we take action to deliver these demands to President Biden as part of a hot week of climate action in DC.

A recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) makes the science on fossil fuels and climate change exceedingly clear – to protect a livable planet, we need to “end new oil, gas and coal funding.” Not just that, but the latest science shows that we have more than enough renewable energy potential to power our societies and economies.

That means no new oil wells, no new fracked gas fields, and no new coal mines. It means no new pipelines, refineries, and gas hook ups. It means it’s time for our government to put its money where its mouth is and start addressing the climate emergency with the urgency required.

I don’t think Joe Biden is a bad man – and he’s nowhere near as dangerous as Trump was to our Democracy, civil rights, or human rights. But last week Biden’s climate policy was a dumpster-fire. We need to take determined action right now to get the White House back on track, or we may lose our opportunity to tackle the climate crisis before it’s too late.

If you’ve ever looked back on the early days of the Obama Administration, when the cap and trade bill failed and action on climate change ground to a halt for more than 5 years — this is one of those moments. Biden’s first 100 days looked good! But last week he backed the Line 3 pipeline, promised to begin drilling for oil and gas on public lands again soon, and negotiated a worse-than-useless infrastructure bill with Sen Lindsey Graham that will only make the climate crisis much, much worse.

President Biden has a chance to implement policies that could turn the tide in the fight against climate change by blocking new fossil fuel projects and investments – let’s make sure he knows that it’s a priority for the people who call the United States home.

Sign the petition: Biden must stop all new fossil fuel projects and start making big strides towards the climate mitigation we MUST have.


  1. I heard on the Morning Marketplace Report on NPR the other day, that the Biden admin has issued around 2,500 permits so far, for oil and gas drilling. We’re in trouble, if Biden is supposedly getting tough on climate change. Let’s face it, it’s too late to stop global warming. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its highest level in 800,000 years, and it persists in the atmosphere for decades. The climate will continue warming, regardless of any actions taken.

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