Call now and tell Biden to Stop Line 3

Yesterday, following leadership from Indigenous women, thousands of water protectors from across the country took action to stop Line 3. They faced a climate-fueled heat wave, militarized police, and were buzzed with helicopters from (ironically) the border patrol.

More than 100 water protectors, land defenders and climate warriors were arrested, and actions and resistance are continuing today. The number one ask from the frontlines remains: amplify on social media using this toolkit and if you’re able, please come to northern Minnesota in person. 

*Starting today, please also use this call-in guide to flood the Biden administration with phone calls from your members and supporters.* The call-in guide includes sample messages to share by text or social media. If you’re in a pinch:

☎️Call the Biden team: 888-724-8946: The Line 3 tar sands pipeline would cross 200 bodies of water & emit as much carbon as FIFTY new coal plants. @POTUS @Gina_McCarthy — it’s time to #StopLine3 and all other fossil fuel projects, #HonorTheTreaties & #BuildBackFossilFree. 

President Biden has the power to stop Line 3 and all fossil fuel projects violating Indigenous sovereignty and driving the climate emergency. Now more than ever it’s urgently important to flood the Biden team with pressure to do so from every corner of this land.

With more than 100 of our friends and relatives arrested so far, please consider donating to the rapid response bail fund as well. Your support will help keep everyone safe.