Get trained to help us end polluter welfare this summer

In case you missed it, our digital rally with Zero Hour and partners earlier this week was amazing – and created some big news in our fight to end polluter welfare this summer. Check out the recording below to hear from youth leaders, frontline activists, Progressive champion Rep. Ro Khana, and a surprise video address from Senator Chuck Schumer – leader of the Senate Democratic Majority.

Rep Khana, Sen Schumer, and the rest of the speakers were clear: We can end the big oil bailout, for good, this summer – but only if we take action right now. Congress needs to hear from us, and that’s where our lobby training tomorrow night comes in.

Will you RSVP to join Zero Hour,, Food & Water Watch, Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, the DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis, and us to learn how to support the full elimination of fossil fuel subsidies this year?

President Biden has called for the elimination of tax preferences and loopholes for the fossil fuel industry in his American Jobs Plan. The End Polluter Welfare Act would do just that by abolishing dozens of tax loopholes, subsidies, and other special interest giveaways littered throughout the federal tax code – eliminating absurd corporate handouts and saving American taxpayers up to $150 billion over the next ten years.

On the lobby training you’ll learn:
1) How to locate your member of Congress, and what their role is ending fossil fuel subsidies.
2) How to contact your member of Congress’ local office and schedule a meeting with our coalition.
3) The tools, tips, and materials you need to be an effective advocate to make 2021 the last year US taxpayers give a dime to fossil fuel corp.

Join us Thursday May 27 at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT to learn how you can take action and make this year the last year we give a dime to polluting fossil fuel corporations!