Stop the North Brooklyn Fracked Gas Pipeline & LNG depot

Right now, corporate utility National Grid is expanding a massive fracked gas transmission pipeline in North Brooklyn. This project is not a replacement of leaking pipelines, it is an expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, in the middle of a pandemic, and at the cost of our climate, communities and

And worse, we have to pay for all this pollution and destruction! National Grid wants to charge New York rate-payers millions of dollars through rate hikes for this pipeline. That money will fill their shareholders pockets, and keep us locked into fossil fuels when we want to change to affordable and clean renewable energy like geothermal, solar, wind and energy efficient buildings.

Fortunately, elected leaders in New York City have the power to stop this project through denying key permits needed by the company. Can you join our friends at Sane Energy in New York and tell them to stop the Brooklyn fracked gas pipeline?

National Grid’s toxic and dangerous North Brooklyn Pipeline is being built predominantly through Black and Brown neighborhoods without community consent.

National Grid also wants to expand its Greenpoint fracked gas depot on Newtown Creek by adding two new liquefied fracked gas (LNG) vaporizers and LNG trucking capabilities. National Grid has done no assessment of the climate impacts of these projects, as is required by NYS Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, and and is ignoring or down-playing local impacts on public health and the environment.

These unnecessary projects run contrary to New York city and state’s climate goals and laws. These communities have suffered for decades from the health impacts of environmental racism and injustice, and they should not be forced to pay to build new fossil fuel infrastructure that will continue that polluted legacy for generations to come.

To add insult to injury, they are asking for an unjustified rate hike of hundreds of millions of dollars to build these unnecessary projects that will lock us into decades of fossil fuels and exorbitant stranded assets.

Click here to sign on with our allies in New York City to Demand the following:

  1. Revoke any permits already granted to National Grid from The City of New York for their Metropolitan Reliability Infrastructure project AKA North Brooklyn Pipeline and immediately halt construction.
  2. Deny any permits needed by National Grid to expand their Greenpoint LNG depot.
  3. Deny any permits and variances for National Grid’s plans for LNG trucking on NYC streets, which is currently illegal.

Sign here to stand with communities on the frontline and tell New York elected leaders to reject any permits, and exercise their powers to stop National Grid’s fracked gas projects.

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  1. Check out SAVE RGV from LNG @ We’ve been fighting LNG export operations targeting our local Port of Brownsville TX since March 2014 (nest door to South Padre Island TX and the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge etc). Sierra Club and others are presently fighting against the permits FERC issued for Rio Grande LNG, Annova LNG, and Texas LNG in Federal Court. The City of Port Isabel is seeking a stay and injunction in State Court against the Port leasing sites to the LNG operations.

    Check out the Delaware Riverkeeper Network @ They’re fighting plans that call for the liquefication of natural gas in Pennsylvania to be transported by rail cars to New Jersey to be LNG tanker shipped to Ireland.

    Watch out for the radioactivity of fracking waste materials:

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