It’s election day, and the most important thing you can do  is go vote if you haven’t already. But in case you’re looking for tools to help others get out and vote

If you need help finding your polling place (or referring others to theirs) we recommend’s tools. they work great on a phone or on your laptop and the data is all well-checked

Look up your Polling place

Since we believe climate change is the most important issue facing humanity, we’d also like to recommend the fine people at, and especially their voter guide which is assembled by our friends Climate Hawks Vote. Just enter your address and then add endorsements from Climate Hawks, the Sierra Club and any other organizations you support to see a list of endorsed candidates for Congress and other down-ballot races.


Finally, we know a lot of you have voted already. But you don’t just have to sit there wringing your hands and refreshing 538. Check out the excellent voter contact programs from our friends at NextGen and and you’ll be able to call swing state voters right up until 9pm eastern.

Call with Moveon

Call with NextGen