Update on the Atlanta Stop Cop City week of action

Quick update on the week of action still going on in Atlanta to stop Cop City. All week long, activists and organizers have been camping our in the Weelaunee forest, and taking action all around Atlanta to Stop Cop City.

On Sunday night, March 5, there was a peaceful, family friendly gathering and concert in one part of the forest, while in a different area some other groups stormed into the illegal construction area and set buildings and equipment on fire. In retaliation, police in military gear and armed with lethal weapons raided the family-friendly music festival in a public park and arrested more than two dozen people with excessive and extreme force reportedly being used. Some of those arrested on Sunday night have been released. Many are being charged with “domestic terrorism” enhancements that civil liberties and human rights groups have warned us about.

To support those arrested, please visit https://atlsolidarity.org/ and donate to the bail fund.

Despite the violence and intimidation, actions have continuedsome of our old (and elder) friends took action at a series of construction sites across Atlanta being built by the same companies building Cop City. Faith leaders held a press conference denouncing violence, oppression, and Cop City. And tomorrow, a nation-wide day of action has been planned with solidarity rallies and events in more than a dozen cities and towns

If you’re looking for a way to take action and support, here are three quick places to start:

  1. Click here to sign a petition to Stop Cop City
  2. If you can get to Atlanta, it’s not too late! Click here for more information on where and how to go to Atlanta and join the week of action, or click here for a calendar of events in Atlanta, and beyond.
  3. If you live near Boston, Carbondale, IL Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, D.C, Greensboro, NC, Jackson, MS, Memphis, NYC Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Roosevelt, NY San Diego, Scottsdale, or Burlington, VT, click here to learn more about the day of action tomorrow, March 9, and how to take action.

Thanks – stay safe and healthy in the streets. We’ll see you out there.