Tell President Biden: No new offshore leases. Period Period Period.

We’ve told you before about President Biden’s promise to ban fossil fuel drilling on public lands and waters. But now there are only a few days left to tell Biden’s Interior Department to exclude offshore drilling from their 5 year plan.

The current plan calls for 11 additional lease sales: 10 in the Gulf of Mexico, and one in Alaska. But there’s still time to tell President Biden and Secretary of the Interior Haaland to drop fossil fuels and drilling from the 5 year plan.

And now that the Inflation Reduction Act has passed, and Joe Manchin’s dirty deal is dead, there’s no reason for them not to follow through on a campaign promise and end all new offshore drilling.

But this week is our last chance to send official comments on the plan. Click here to send yours today!

Since taking office President Biden’s White House has leased more places offshore for oil and gas drilling than even Trump did while in office

The White House has consistently said that they have no choice but to follow through on leasing plans that were made by the Trump administration. They’ve also claimed that they must allow more leasing in order to get Joe Manchin’s support for clean energy and climate investments like the Inflation Reduction Act.

But none of that explains why they’re planning to lease tons of new offshore space for oil gas drilling in 2023-2028, exactly the years President Biden says he will cut global warming pollution in the us by 50%.

The current plan turns the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic into a sacrifice zone, again. But we’ve been fighting attempts to expand risky offshore drilling since way back, and we know we can win.

The public has a chance to weigh in on this proposed five-year offshore oil and gas leasing program this week, and we’ve made it easy: Click “start writing” to send your offfical comment telling them “no new leases” in the new five year plan.

PS – prefer to send a comment without getting on a lot of mailing lists? Communal comment pages let us deliver a lot of messages, fast, which is important to these kind of public dockets. But if you prefer, use this page to send a comment with our friends at People vs Fossil fuels and avoid all the mailing lists.

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  1. We are near the point of no return. No more fossil fuels. Don’t use public land to destroy this planet.