How long? Not long. Mobilize now for voting rights.

*Update* Today is the day, Martin Luther King Jr Day. Crowds have already formed in many states and the surviving family of Dr. King Jr have led a march across the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge into downtown DC, headed for the Capitol.

Tune in at noon eastern for a live-stream from the event with speakers from the King family, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and civil rights leaders from all over the country. And, whether you’ve called before or not – stop what you’re doing right now and call again to demand President Biden and Congress end the filibuster and deliver on voting rights.

After decades of struggle, and an entire year of delay and broken promises, Democrats in the US Senate are on the verge of — finally — fixing the filibuster and passing essential voting rights protections. But the deed is not yet done, and victory is not yet assured.

Now is the moment, whether you’ve called 100 times already or never spoken to your Senator’s office about voting rights: I’m asking you; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s surviving family is asking you; advocates, activists and civil rights leaders of all stripes are asking you:

Call now and demand President Biden and Congress end the filibuster and deliver on voting rights, now. Our right to vote can’t wait.

If your Senator is a Democrat, they are on the verge of voting for filibuster reform and voting rights.

Call them at

If your Senator is a Republican, call the White House instead – President Biden’s pressure has been essential this week, and it’s vital that we keep up the pressure until the filibuster is abolished and voting rights are passed. You can call the White House at 833-345-2554.

Here’s why this moment is special.

This year for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the family of Dr King have called on us to focus on action. No Celebration, without legislation, is the rallying cry.

Martin Luther King III, Arndrea Waters King, and Yolanda Renee King, along with faith leaders, civil rights leaders, and voting rights advocates, are leading a march in DC to demand voting rights legislation on Monday. And they are earnestly asking every American of conscience to join them in calling on the Senate to protect our right to vote by passing the Freedom to Vote Act, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

For an entire year, Congress has promised to take action on these two bills, only to be blocked again and again by the Jim Crow Filibuster in the Senate. On Tuesday, President Biden went to Georgia and gave a strong speech on voting rights in which he correctly equated opponents of filibuster reform with segregationists and leaders of the Confederacy. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell reacted yesterday with sputtering outrage straight out of Strom Thurmond’s playbook. He called Biden’s speech “incoherent,” and ”profoundly — profoundly — unpresidential.”

But Biden isn’t wrong. From the Civil War to the Jim Crow era, the filibuster has blocked popular bills to stop lynching, end poll taxes, and fight workplace discrimination. Now it’s being used to block voting rights, again. As Martin Luther King III has said: “The weaponization of the filibuster is racism cloaked in procedure and it must go.”

That’s why this week we’re joining the King family and a host of progressive groups to say No celebration without legislation. The Senate has a plan to force debate and a vote on the two voting rights reform bills this week. But it will all come down to a vote on or before MLK day on Monday January 17 on whether to reform the filibuster. Only Democratic votes are needed, but it’s essential that every American make their voice heard, right now. Use the numbers above to call your Senator (both of them!) and the White House right now, before MLK day, and tell them: It’s time to end the filibuster and deliver on voting rights.


  1. I am a voter and a constituent in Houston, Texas 77084. I am 75 years old and have NEVER seen such evil in our country. The GOP is deplorable!! EVIL out to destroy our democracy at any cost. President Biden MUST do EVERYTHING possible to save our democracy!!!! Action NOW!!!

  2. I am a 73 year old woman who is so confused by her he Republican Party and the two Democrats who want to gender people from their right to vote. We r going backward instead of forward in this country. If you could please arrest Donal Trump for all his crimes; then maybe we could all get back to normal. He is a sick man trying to destroy this country. You all r letting him get by; if you stop him the rest real wake up from the cult he is holding them in. You have to show the entire world that is guilty and needs to be put in jail for the rest of his life. We will not have a country to vote for if he gets back in office! He wants to be like Putin and be the only voice in America. No Senate or Congress; just him in control over all our lives. I voted for you Mr Biden because I believed you to a honest, strong Christian man. Seek God’s answer to how to stop Trump. You or Daniel and he is Goliath, God will show you the way and give you the strength to destroy him!! I believe in God and he answered my prayers by putting u in office! Seek his will and trust what he tells you; he will never fail you Nr President!! I totally believe God put you office; now get on your knees and seek his word! I am praying for you and everyone who is helping you to defeat this evil man! We all have a right to vote and he should not be allowed to change that. Thank you for loving this country. Patsy H Bradsher

  3. In addition to perseving the right for all eligible citizens to vote, the urgency to ensure with confidence that every vote cast shall be legitimately counted by equal party election workers on every level. To set citizens and taxpayers up by appointing people purposed to steal elections, remove drop boxes, and all other crippling tactics in our faces to shove Autocracy down our throats is an atrocity!! We are being deliberately set up for a demonic takeover designed to crush the will of the people under God in order to enjoy the benefits of our tax dollars and reinstitute slavery!

  4. I truly believe that every American should vote, and that voting should be made easier. For the low income, picture ID’s should be made available by getting rides and paid days off from work to do this. Single mothers have children that they can not take off from work or they don’t get paid. I know how I struggled as a single mom. Let’s go into neighborhoods and see to it that every house/every apartment, every person is listed to vote whether it is Independent as I was for years, till 2020, or Democrat or Republican. Every person has a voice. Let’s give freedom a chance by everyone’s voice. NO one should be left out.