When the fall is all that’s left.

Tonight, the Senate is debating voting rights. After decades of debate and a year of delay, they’re finally coming to the question: what is more important — the right of all Americans to vote, or the Jim Crow filibuster.

Democrats are not expected to win the vote, or pass the bill tonight. But regardless of the outcome, it matters a great deal how Senators conduct themselves over the next few hours. Will they stand up on the floor of the Senate and demand that we give the ballot to all eligible Americans, regardless of race, class, or background? Or will they slink off into the night, and hope that we don’t bother them anymore with hard questions.

There’s no doubt that a lot of politicians — Democrats & Republicans — would rather not have a hard, messy fight about voting rights just days after MLK day. But these votes matter, a lot, so we’re asking you not to let them off the hook. We need to demand our Senators hold the floor until voting rights are passed. Demand every Senator cast a vote, make a statement, and declare where they stand.

It’s not too late to call 833-345-2551 and demand President Biden and Congress end the filibuster and deliver on voting rights, now. Our right to vote can’t wait.

Our friends at Shut Down DC have set up camp just outside the Capitol grounds with a projector and a cspan livestream. They’re holding that spot to project our demand Senators HOLD THE FLOOR until voting rights protections are passed onto a nearby building, and holding a vigil and speak-out tonight. Will you stand with us?

This isn’t the moment to look away, get discouraged, or give up on Democracy. If Senators can’t stand in line to cast their vote in Washington DC for a few hours, they have no business telling voters that they have to wait in long lines, with no food or water, to cast a ballot. Earlier in the week, we heard that some Senators were planning heroic, filibuster-like statements – refusing to give up or give up the floor until voting rights legislation supported by the vast majority of Americans is passed.

Hold them to it. Demand Senators HOLD THE FLOOR until voting rights is passed.

No surprise, we’re big fans of the West Wing like a lot of liberal political-watchers. And tonight we’re reminded of this scene, paraphrasing “The Lion in Winter” we’ll leave you with the wise words of President Bartlett: When the fall is all that’s left, it matters a great deal how a man falls down.


  1. We have our rights & as far as our voting rights nothing should be changed.

  2. Pass our rights to vote, it’s should of never been brought up to take our rights away.