Endgame: Now’s the time to make a call for climate action in Biden’s Build Back Better Act

We’re in the endgame of negotiations over President Biden’s Build Back Better Act. Sen Manchin and his Republican allies have forced Biden and the Democrats to cut another ~$1.5 trillion from the bill, but there’s still a lot worth fighting for.

Right now, today, young people are on hunger strike outside the White House, and youth around the world are demanding elected leaders and elders close the gap between talk and action. West Virginians have taken to the water, land, and sky to demand Joe Manchin stop blocking progress.

Will you back up all the brave activists taking action around the world by making a quick phone call to your member of Congress and Senators to tell them they must pass Biden’s Build Back Better Act – NOW – and make sure it includes critical action on climate change?

You probably remember that, as of a few weeks ago, Congress was still debating President Biden’s $3.5T Build Back Better package. But a handful of traitorous Democrats and every single member of Donald Trump’s racist, climate denying Republican party have been blocking all votes, and demanding concessions at every turn -especially on climate change. Last week, just as we wrapped up the amazing People vs Fossil Fuels week of action, you may have heard Joe Manchin once again tried to derail the whole process by tearing out the climate provisions.

But hope is a renewable power source, and progressives in Congress have been quick to strike back. Last week, Rep Cori Bush released a letter backing up our demands for more climate action in the House. And in the Senate, our old allies Sen Bernie Sanders and Sen Ron Wyden are hard at work making sure that climate change is addressed through the tax code and other means – so we can still hit President Biden’s promise to cut global warming pollution in half by 2035.

You can help too! Call your member of Congress and Both Senators right now and tell them to pass Biden’s full Build Back Better Budget Act with no cuts to climate, care, jobs or justice. Tell your member of the House to look for Cori Bush’s letter, and your Senators to check in with Wyden and Sanders on their plan to stop climate change through tax policy. Click here to get started and our system will call you and patch you through to Congress with no long distance charges applied!