No more business as usual. Tell the Senate to stop FERC now

We live a in climate changed world. From the wildfires out west to the hurricanes in the east — one making landfall this week while four more are active offshore. So why is Congress rushing to approve more Trump nominees to key energy agencies like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)? What, exactly, would it take to convince Senators to just STOP the madness and extraction?

The Senate Energy Committee, once again, is considering new nominees to serve as commissioners at FERC. And FERC has continued its work rubber stamping new fossil fuel infrastructure all through the pandemic. We’ve called and written them thousands of times: Most recently some 40,000 of us asked FERC not to extend a permit for the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

But FERC won’t stop until Congress stops them by instituting real reforms. Will you tell the Senate Energy Commitee that this is no time for Business as usual – and demand they stop the nomination of two new FERC Commissioners this week?

Call nowCall the Senate switchboard 202-224-3121 & tell them to vote NO on all new FERC Commissioners until there are real reforms!
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The entire west coast is on fire. Hurricane Sally is making landfall today in the Gulf, even as communities re still struggling to recover from Hurricane Laura, which itself made landfall on the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And the Mid west is still trying to put itself back together after a massive derecho (a sort of one-directional tornado) and back to back storms that produced massive flooding.

Donald Trump continues to spout his nonsense and ignore science. But it’s his enablers – the agency heads and administrators that keep rolling back climate regulations and rolling out the red carpet for more fossil fuels extraction and infrastructure – who do the real damage.

The two newest nominations — Allison Clements and Mark Christie — aren’t as bad as some of the people Trump has nominated in the past. But that’s hardly the point: As long as Trump and his cronies are calling the shots, FERC will never be an agency that supports real climate action. We need bold changes, like a Green New Deal that changes FERC in to a Federal Renewable Energy Commission – and that change could be coming soon.

But until those changes come, we stand with our allies at Beyond Extreme Energy in calling upon Senators to abstain from voting for either of these nominees. Next week there will be a people’s hearing on FERC’s numerous offenses against the climate, our communities, and people. That needs to be followed quickly by real reform legislation that Congress can vote on FIRST, before they continue to feed the Fires of FERC’s climate disaster.


  1. The world is literally on fire. We need to get off of fossil fuels now.

  2. People of the world are not stupid and many are speaking out. Jump to the right side of history and start caring more about our climate if not for yourself than for future generations.

  3. Stop the fires and vote for renewable energy!!!

  4. Stop FERC!

  5. Trump stooges in agencies that affect the environment, probably worked in the corporations that they now deal with.

    • Climate action is needed right now before we lise even more acres and animals. The air is being severely polluted creating more ozone which creates more of a greenhouse effect. Please take action now before its too late!

  6. Stop FERC now!

  7. Christine Christine Schmidt


  8. We need positive action and the FERC is not giving it to us.

  9. Stop FERC!

  10. Stop FERC now

  11. We must stop consuming so gluttonously. We need a maintenance economy, not a growth one

  12. Stop the madness.. Our environment needs help not more fracking, pipelines and fossil fuels. Stop in the name of decency and honor the people of this nation. We need renewable, sustainable energy and non toxic food sources and more local small farms.

  13. We must prioritize renewable energy and stop construction of unnecessary and highly destructive pipelines NOW! We’ve already witnessed too much destruction across this country!

  14. FERC = NO.

  15. The American people have been completely let down by both the democrats and republicans. Casting a vote is the only weapon we have. I believe every incumbent needs to be removed. We are not being listened to. This is urgent……….somebody do something right for a change.

  16. America does not need any more oil pipelines. America needs a water pipeline form the east to the west

  17. Stop exploiting fossil resources for short term profits. The more exploitation goes on, the harder nature will strike back! Mankind can’t survive this way and will become just a short foot note in the history of earth.

  18. We HAVE to STOP actions that are destroying OUr water, Our air, Our wildlife AND Our planet! NO MORE!

  19. FERC appointees MUST NOT have any association with the extractive industries! Clear minds and responsible conscientious scientific people only! Our lives and the preservation of EARTH depend on their balanced decisions.

  20. Fight for the sake of the planet, because human civilization depends on it as well!

  21. Please vote for “green “energy! Stop Ferc now!
    Lina Downes


  23. Waiting until we’re all dead?!

  24. It is now known that climate change is no longer a hoax or a fad or a lie. We need to invest in green measures to reduce the risk of fires and increase the chance of the human race’s survival

  25. Stop FERC now!

  26. Stop the nomination of two new FERC Commissioners this week!!!

  27. Stop the nomination of two new FERC Commissioners this week!!!

  28. The senators must go!!! This idea is ridiculous!!

  29. The west coast is on fire, and this will happen more and more frequently due to human action & inaction. We need to take meaningful action immediately!

  30. stop ferc

  31. FERC doesn’t seem to get it.

  32. money for the corporations today dooes not mean a better life for future generagtions

  33. Please do your job and help save AMERICA”S lands, these are not only the state’s lands. Respect the scientists.

  34. Stop the pipeline!

  35. Stop FERC!!!


  37. Time is up for Mountain Valley pipeline

    • Stop FERC from destroying our planet. Shut down the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

    • We need to learn how to recycle and renew reuse of solar energy efficiency appliances like vehicles, their many ways on how to create a solar system panel which will reduce wastelands, I believe there are already many good ideas on how we’re going to advance towards Climate Change.

  38. It’s very important to take action for climate action. Congress has to do the right thing and also take action for climate change now so that we can make the world a better place.

    • It’s time to stop this horrible destruction and time to sue this monster to the jail and all the f …… Republicans.
      ALL OF THEM!!

  39. Please nominate and confirm two new federal energy commissioners

    • Samuel Newman,
      You are suppose to be opposing the nomination and confirmation. You should not even be on this site if you don’t believe in climate change and protecting our world from destruction for profit!
      Go back under that rock you crawled out of…

  40. Please make an end to this horror!

  41. The senate must stop FERC and institute a Green New Deal.

  42. Stop FERC.

  43. Please provide money and research for climate change. Provide FEMA and federal money to the western states to help get the fires under control and help families who have been affected by the hurricanes.

  44. FERC needs to be reined in! These pipeline are no longer necessary. ACP, MVP way over done. Stop them all now!!!

  45. Mr.JonathenC. Gerns

    This is not only California, but the whole world as well.

  46. Get to work! We need COVID-19 and other work done!

  47. Save the nature, stop the drilling, stop fossil fuels!

  48. Enough is too much. We must focus on alternative sources of energy. Please do not confirm any new members to the FERC who have any connection to fossil fuel companies. The world is on fire and is being decimated by violent storms as a direct result of climate change. We all must work to stop the madness. Thank you.

  49. Etan Nasreddin-Longo

    They really want us dead. Power cannot conceive of not making obscene profit – it’s like breathing to them. We have to see this. They will destroy the planet if they have to do so to make ever more money. Resistance is now a matter of life and death.

  50. These hard times don’t make it OK to be stupid and proceed with destroying the planet. How many times must everyone be reminded that this is the only one we’ve got?

    Please stand up for our world and don’t allow the greedy to control what happens to it.

  51. Here in Seattle we can barely breathe because the air is so bad from wildfires. So economic development is pointless if it makes life this miserable.

  52. No more business as usual. Stop FERC now

  53. Please vote for renewable energy

  54. Stop FERC NOW!