Thanks for signing – Can you help these local PR groups?

Thanks for signing our petition Below are some tools to share the action with your networks online. Because Congress isn’t able to send the full aid package quickly, we’re also including links to some local groups in Puerto Rico. If you wan to bypass the racist Trump regime and fund direct aid to the people who need it, these are some places to start.

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This list is copied from a REmezcla article by Raquel Reichard. Thanks to her for writing and to Friends of the Earth friends who shared it with us.

Ayuda Legal PR

Ayuda Legal PR is a nonprofit organization that provides free and accessible education and legal support to low-income people and communities in Puerto Rico. Following Hurricane María, the group, made up of lawyers, legal experts and law students, began focusing on legal assistance during and after disasters, particularly access to justice, the right to housing and fair recovery — all of which will undoubtedly be needed for people rebuilding houses and businesses, seeking health care and more after the earthquakes. Donate here.  

Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

Also born out of the devastating 2017 storms, Brigada Solidaria del Oeste is a community initiative comprised of individuals from various organizations, creative spaces and social struggles that meets with members of communities on the island’s west coast to identify the needs of the people and work to support them. Currently, group leaders are headed south, where the earthquakes and aftershocks were felt the most, to speak with locals, assess needs and help communities on the ground. Donate to the brigade via PayPal through their email address 3

Casa Pueblo

On the archipelago, Casa Pueblo is a community-management project that has been addressing climate change since 1980, when the government attempted to mine deposits of silver, gold and copper, by protecting natural, cultural and human resources and advocating for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable Puerto Rico. Their efforts and education are particularly crucial as the island is increasingly hit with natural disasters. In fact, in December, think tank Germanwatch released its annual Global Climate Risk Index 2020, which found that Puerto Rico is affected by climate change more than anywhere else in the world. Donate to Casa Pueblo here

Correa Family Foundation

Created by Puerto Rican professional baseball player Carlos Correa, the Correa Family Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that supports low-income and/or ill children. Correa, a shortstop for the Houston Astros, was in his hometown of Ponce, which was hit hard during the earthquake, with his wife Daniella Rodriguez Correa at the time the 6.4 magnitude quake hit. On Twitter, Rodriguez said she has “never been so scared in my life,” while Correa told CBS affiliate KHOU 11 “there’s a lot of victims.”

With multiple schools affected by the series of quakes, including an institution in Guánica that was destroyed, Correa started a fund through his children-oriented foundation to help rebuild impacted schools. Donate here

World Central Kitchen & Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico

While Spanish chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization providing free meals to people in the wake of natural disasters, isn’t native to Puerto Rico, the group works with local chefs and community leaders to help those in impacted areas. After Hurricane María, World Central Kitchen served more than 3,000,000 meals and is often applauded on the archipelago for its quick and impactful disaster relief. In a tweet on Tuesday, Andrés said that his team is heading to the southern coast of Puerto Rico, where they will be using solar power and generators to serve affected municipalities. Donate here.

If you prefer to support local food initiatives, Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico, a project of Centro para el Desarrollo Político, Educativo y Cultural (CDPEC), is a self-managed food distribution initiative providing free meals to communities at the University of Puerto Rico’s Río Piedras and Cayey campuses. Donate here.


  1. This is shameful, what type of country have we become?

  2. The aid to Puerto Rico needs to be sent!

  3. Not giving aid to Puerto Rico is the last straw of Donald Trump. Everything he does is wrong.

  4. And poor PR got hit by another hurricane this year! Trump, why not help them in their time of need? Are you really that heartless??

  5. Thanks for this petition. I’m Puerto Rican, and have distantly related relatives left on the island My family lost a member on July 14, 2019, due to complications of a heart attack she sustained during the height of Hurricane María. By the time her family was able to get her medical care, she also had a stroke. The doctors told her family to take her home and make her comfortable. Her family took care of her at home until she passed on July 14, 2019. I’m sure that my family’s situation is not unique on the island.

  6. Earthquake aide? Storm aide? Puerto Rico is waiting & So is the rest of USA for President Trump to follow thru on this for our fellow American Voters!

  7. We all should be able to live in a safe and up to date place to live. Not everyone out there can afford housing whether it is for low in come or even for affordable housing. Not everyone out there is rich. We are here to take action now and we will. We will continue to fight this all the way now and we will. Ben Carson does not know anything about housing and we want to know how he got the job. We hope that Ben Carson will step down just like the rest will do. We are here to find out why housing is not affordable now and we will. We are looking into this farther now and we will. We are looking out for the low income people including the Senior citizens now and we will. This is a very big deal to us now. Housing is a big deal. We are here to make sure that we can afford housing whether it is buying or renting. We know that there are some slumlords out there that do not care about their properties now. We are not stupid and we are not the fools here either. We are not here for excuses and lies anymore now. We are here to get some answers now and we will. We are here to get to the real truth now and we will. Some people have been forced out of their homes because they could not afford the mortgage or rent. It is ridiculous what we have to pay for homes these days whether it is buying and renting. The slumlords should be out of business and the good landlords that know how to maintain their properties and not let them run down that is not good or smart. We are here to find out why and we will. We are not here to play stupid childish games now and we won’t. This is not over yet! We will continue to get to the bottom of this now and we will. No more over price homes and no more over price with mortgages and rent. We are very disappointed in our so called government and justice system right now. We don’t have the right people for the jobs anymore and why is that do tell? We all would like to hear that answer now and we will.

  8. Stop Moscow Mitch and traitor trump

  9. Surprise us show some consideration!

  10. Puerto Rico needs to be helped and the Orange Turd won’t help because there are no votes in it for him.