There’s an extra Amazon prime day this year, is climate chaos in your shopping cart?

Internet shopping behemoth Amazon claims to be a leader on climate change — having promised to eliminate global warming pollution by 2040. But the reality is very different.

Amazon’s global warming pollution increased by 18% last year, to 71.54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, according to the company’s own sustainability report. And that number may actually be a hopeful lie – since Amazon only counts emissions from its own branded goods, and not from the billions of dollars in commerce connected by manufacturers directly on its platforms.

With Amazon back in the news this week as they add another special “prime day” shopping sale, this is the perfect moment to pressure Amazon to clean up its act: Sign now to tell Amazon it must reduce greenhouse gas emissions and get on-track with it’s net-zero by 2040 pledge.

Here’s what’s been happening: In 2019, Amazon made a big deal about its “Climate Pledge.” As part of the plan, the company promised to achieve carbon “neutrality” by 2040, purchased 100,000 electric delivery vans, launched a $2 billion venture capital fund, and re-named a Seattle hockey stadium “climate pledge arena.”

But since then, Amazon hasn’t lived up to the hype, not even close. And when their own employees called them out for failing to meet climate goals, they said they’d fire the employees.

In their most recent annual sustainability report, Amazon admitted the increase in global warming pollution — up 18% from 2020, and nearly 40% more than in 2019, the year Amazon first made it’s pledge. And outside experts and Amazon’s own staff have pointed out that those company reports are probably wildly undercounting emissions,

In other words, Amazon has increased emissions, dramatically, every year since they promised to end global warming pollution — and they’e not being honest about how much they pollute.

Big corporations like Amazon all signed on the Paris climate agreements, and are cueing up to receive billions of dollars in subsidies and investments based on their “net zero” climate pledges. But none of it will matter if they are allowed to keep breaking those promises, in public, with no accountability or public demand to live up to their goals.

Don’t let them get away with it — sign here to tell Amazon to clean up its act, stop threatening workers who speak out, and start cutting global warming emissions immediately.