Show up and tune in tonight to see the fossil fuel fascists hearing of the January 6 Committee

We’ve told you before (many times) about the fossil fueled fascists who attempted a coup on January 6, 2021 at the behest of the defeated former President, Donald Trump.

What we know already is that Trump and his enablers engaged in a criminal conspiracy to try and violently overturn the 2020 Election. For the past year, a bipartisan House Committee has been investigating the January 6th attack and the continuing threats from this network.

Tonight at 8pm Eastern / 5pm pacific, we finally get to know what the Jan 6 committee uncovered. Will you join us to see what they found and help spread the word? Click here if you prefer to join us on Facebook.

A lot of people would rather tune out these hearings, I get it. There are a lot of other things going on in the world – from climate-fueled superstorms, to exciting new renewable energy announcements, to an explosion at a newly expanded (not so safe after all) LNG facility in Texas. Plus, people are exhausted from mass shootings, the pandemic, and an unrelenting wave of bad news.

But that’s exactly what the fossil fueled fascists are hoping for. That’s how they win this round. If people are too distracted to remember the violent attempted coup; or worse yet if they shrug their shoulders and say “yeah, so what” then Trump and his enablers in the fossil fuel industry will be emboldened to do it again. After all – if there’s no consequences, why NOT try and overthrow a free and fair election?

You don’t have to take my word for it, Fox News has already announced their plans to counter-program the hearing tonight with lies and conspiracy theories (that’s another example of why we are still fighting to get them kicked off basic cable). Our job as citizens and climate activists is to show up, hear the evidence at these public hearings and make sure the news breaks through to reach the American public! It’s the only way to hold Trump & all fossil fueled fascists accountable.

There are nearly 100 watch events scheduled all around the country, most of them online or live-streamed so you can watch from home or other COVID safe location. Check out the full list of events and find one that interests you!

PS If you’re in DC, join us for our watch event for the first hearing on the evening of June 9th to watch it together with a group of Americans committed to the truth. We have powerful speakers lined up, confirmed media coverage, & free Ben & Jerry’s and other food!