State of the Union tomorrow, POTUS is on notice!

Thanks to everyone that attended our State of the Union pre-rally “POTUS on Notice” last Thursday with the Build Back Fossil Free coalition. We had an incredible turnout from all over the United States and turtle island, and heard powerful testimonials and calls to action from youth organizers on the frontline.

Good news | bad news:

So, time to take action, again. In case you missed it, or want to relive the exciting animation and actions you can watch the recording of the “POTUS on notice” rally below. Share it on Facebook, on Twitter, or using this link. I also want to share our Action Guide and encourage you to use it to put pressure on the Biden Administration tomorrow before and during his State of the Union Address, March 1st 9pm ET | 6pm PT.

If you’re a social media user (like me) please join us for a in posting on twitter and other platforms during his speech to make it clear that President Biden must follow through on his climate promises!


  1. What are we WAITING for, the END of the world to ACT. Imagine , all this just so Billionaires can be richer. I personally have GIVEN up. The only ones with a Voice are the RICH. So a Question, how much is ENOUGH. The Government cannot stop this or WON”T. It is up to the people. We are turning this GREAT Planet into a GARBAGE dump. And it is the only Planet with life. The Planet can live without us, but NOT the opposite!!!

  2. Climate change is dwstroying our planet! Urgent action must be taken! Communities are suffering. So are animals. We can live without fossil fuels. Future genreations deserve to have an Earth to live on.

  3. Number 1 concern is climate change , Period! No more empty words and deeds, the time is NOW!!!!!!!

  4. The world is currently facing two crisis that MUST be solved ASAP – the Global Climate Crisis and the Biodiversity-Extinction Crisis!! We can’t wait any longer or ignore these problems or they will have detrimental effects on all of mankind!! PLEASE do ALL you can to solve these problems!! Thanks!

  5. It is essential that we mobilize without any further delay earnest measures to contain and reverse the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

  6. Dear President Biden,
    The climate crisis is moving into climate chaos. We are heading into a time of no return. It is clear that we are in desperate need of leadership. True, real, moral leadership that isn’t swayed by anything, but getting to the goal of saving our people, water, animals, trees, air, and eco systems that we survive on. We don’t even know how interconnected all the eco systems are yet! Hundreds of years of science and we still won’t stick up for the truth of the living. We seem to be mostly interested in the quips of the markets and the politicians. Please be the leader we need NOW to save what can be saved of Nature. Nature has all the keys. We need only to take our cues from Nature – not the oil/gas/agriculture web of theater. The question really is what did we do when we knew that we were taking the world into slow moving (for now) suicide/homicide? What will you do, President Biden? You know the facts. Now live the truth and guide the world away from the lies of the corporate interests that are killing all of us, including your children and grandchildren one day.

  7. Protect the environment.

  8. Of course we need to ban fossil fuels “yesterday”, but in view of accelerating species extinction and climate degradation, we need to curtail human population and “GDP” growth as well. Keep in mind that we are not even on track to stabilize global temperature and sea level rise, let alone actually make progress.

  9. Beth Jane Freeman

    We can no longer use fossil fuel, at least at the rate we do now, if we’re going to continue living on the planet we must increase our use of wi d, solar and geothermal energy, increase the number of EV’s, and make them, more affordable for the average American.

  10. Environmental emergencies are affecting everybody’s health and livelihood, and will do so for generations to come. All issues need to be considered as facets of the critical state of the biosphere.
    Given the consistency with which each current and foreseeable crisis has been weaponized against the vulnerable majority of the population of the United States of America and the world, and the exceptional leniency and overwhelming subsidization of any industry which creates and perpetuates such crises, any failure on your part to directly address and act upon these issues can only be seen as complicity in a clearly genocidal agenda. Your actions and inactions regarding this and all related concerns have been, are being and will be remembered by all of us who will live in the world that you are shaping with your decisions right now, in addition to being a matter of public record. We are all on it together.

  11. Climate change is the biggest threat on the planet.

  12. Mr President:

    Please do more now to transform the energy industry away from coal, oil, gas, cleanup the meat packing industry & the food production industry, eliminate plastic from production & clean it out if the ocean & waterways. Don’t make empty promises.

  13. Donna Robin Lippman

    Dear President Biden,
    Every day I am grateful that you are President. I appreciate how hard you are working and all the wonderful things you are doing. I am concerned, however, that the climate crisis is all but beyond our grasp. I had hoped to take a train to visit my son in LA from NY, but I am frightened that some terrible floods or tornados or fires could pop up somewhere across this beautiful country, so sadly, I will probably never take the AMTRAK trip I had hoped to. Please be thorough in keeping all fossil fuels in the ground immediately. There is no other choice. Thank you, and be well.

  14. This is a unique msg!!!
    Please, please, please –
    If we don’t have a planet – we can’t build back the intra structure, our economy, or OUR democracy! We MUST protect our voting rights so we can install a leader who will turn all our focus to saving our planet.

  15. Please, please, please –
    If we don’t have a planet – we can’t build back the intra structure, our economy, or OUR democracy! We MUST protect our voting rights so we can install a leader who will turn all our focus to saving our planet.

  16. Thomas Knecht, MD, PhD

    PLEEZE Joe & Kamala! Fossil fuel use is killing our planet faster than Russia and Ukraine! There is NO FUTURE without a carbon-footprint-free future! Wise up! Listen to the scientists! It’s NOW OR NEVER!!!

  17. Please focus on climate change!

  18. President Biden, you have been far, far too slow to act. We are facing an existential crisis not to mention that the use of fossil fuels has also played a major role in war, including with Ukraine. We are totally out of time. No more subsidies, no new wells or infrastructure, phase out of existing wells and infrastructure, respect for tribes and environmental justice communities. No more drilling or processing anywhere near them and health care to address the health problems they are experiencing as a result of what the criminal fossil fuel corporations have done to their communities, their water and their air.

  19. Cassandra Tereschak

    Please keep your promise that you gave the world! We need to get away from fossil fuels in order to save the world for future generations. Renewable energy is the way to go in order to repair the earth. We need to invest in geothermal as well as solar and wind energy.

  20. need to do it get rid of what is know thank you

  21. Do what you promised or get out of the way.

  22. Climate change is the biggest looming threat on the planet. We need to sanction Russian fossil fuels and ban drilling or mining for fossil fuels in the U.S.. Act with passion and courage please even if it drives up fuel prices.

  23. The disaster in Ukraine might have been thwarted had the U.S. and EU been less worried about how a lack of Russian gas and oil would impact them. This is just one more reason that we need to urgently convert to clean energy and explore all viable options including nuclear fusion which is a lot safer than the trove of nuclear warheads that we have.

  24. We need to protect our country and this planet now. Let’s go fossil fuel free!

  25. When will you fulfill your campaign promises? Just another middle of the road democrat who sells out their core constituencies! How much time do you think you have to get some good accomplished? The world will become uninhabitable because of your inactions.


  27. Climate Change must be addressed urgently!