One year after the coup: Join us Jan 6 2022 to stand up to fossil fueled fascists

The Jan 6 2021 insurrection at the capitol was a dress rehearsal for Trump and his enablers to plan their overthrow of Democracy. Both sides — Trump’s fossil fueled fascists and ours — learned about each others’ strengths and vulnerabilities.

Trump’s side has spent months passing laws to make it easier for partisan officials to overturn election results, making it unnecessarily hard to vote, re-drawing district maps that don’t fairly represent the diverse population of their states, obstructing the January 6 commission in Congress, and worse. They’re also continuing to spread lies about the 2020 election, and valorize the mob that attacked the capitol, killed and injured a number of people, and threatened the lives of lawmakers in both parties, all in an attempt to overturn a free and fair election.

A small number of insurrectionists are planning to come back to DC on on Jan 6, 2022 but most of the attention will be on Trump and his press conference, where some expect him to announce he’s running for President again in 2024.

We’re joining pro-democracy rallies all over the country, and pushing Congress to support Rep Cori Bush’s bill to investigate and expel the members of Congress who helped incite the violent insurrection at our Capitol. Can you join us?

The efforts to push back on the fossil fueled fascists by Congress and the Biden administration have been weak at best, and cringe-worthy at worst. The House passed some good laws: including the Freedom to Vote Act, which expands access to voting in every state; the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act which prevents discriminatory voting laws from taking effect; and the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which combats the partisan attacks and unethical behavior we saw under the Trump administration.

But every single one of those bills is dead on arrival in the Senate thanks to Mitch McConnell and Joe Manchin’s unwavering fealty to the fossil fuel industry and anti-democratic corporations of all kinds. Never forget, fossil fuels are funding Trump and his fascist allies: Sixty-five fossil fuel companies gave $8.8 million to more than 100 members of Congress who voted to challenge the electoral college outcome. Twenty nine fossil fuel executives contributed more than $18 million to political groups that worked for Trump and his Congressional allies. The biggest beneficiaries were the same ones we now know were most-closely planning the insurrection with Trump and team.

But faced with the stark reality that the people who tried to overthrow the election and instal an American fascist regime by force had corporate sponsorship, Democratic elected leaders wasted an entire year on avoiding conflict and seeking compromise. Confronted with the rise of a fascist party largely funded and empowered by fossil fuels, our so-called leaders have acted to reject neither fascism not fossil fuels.

This January 6, 2022, we need to show up and defend democracy from the rise of fossil fueled fascists. Will you join an outdoor vigil near you to mark the anniversary, demand accountability for the insurrectionists, and defend our elections and freedom to vote? With over 150 events across the country, there are COVID-safe options near most of us to take action as Congress returns to Washington, D.C.

PS for DC-area allies, there’s a 4:30pm rally on the map already, and Shut Down DC has some special art projects in the works that you can help with on your own — or in a safe, small, outdoor group. Stay tuned!