Make a call to Seal the Deal with no cuts to climate, jobs, and justice.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wants to pass three big bills this week: A short term funding bill to avoid a government shutdown, the crappy infrastructure bill we told you about a few months ago, and the big, bold $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill that’s our best chance to tackle climate change this Congress.

But a handful of traitorous Democrats and every single member of Donald Trump’s racist, climate denying Republican party are blocking all votes. Pelosi and team have already had to delay the vote once, and if they can’t break the logjam soon, the government could shut down, default on its debt, and fail to act on climate change all at once. That’s a disaster we can’t afford, and shouldn’t have to suffer through.

Will you click here to call Congress right now and tell them to stop dithering and pass Biden’s full Build Back Better Budget Act with no cuts to climate, care, jobs or justice?

Here’s a quick update: Thanks to our work over the last few weeks, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has been united in supporting our demands. And so far it’s been working! This week Progressive leaders in Congress wrote an op-ed reaffirming their promise to act on climate, and refusing to vote for half measures or compromise with climate deniers.

But fossil fuel companies and their allies in congress have been working overtime to water down the package. Last week, 7 traitorous Democrats succeeded removing one of our big priorities — an end to fossil fuel subsidies — from the Bill. Progressives have pushed back, but so far there’s no clear path to victory. from

Our allies report that our “No climate. No Deal.” bloc has grown to 60 votes in the House and allies in DC are taking innovative action on a daily basis to demand Congress do its job and Build Back Better by Building Back Fossil Free.

What we’re doing is working. But Congress still hasn’t done their part. Keep calling and make sure they feel the pressure to act on climate, NOW and pass the Build Back Better plan with no cuts to climate, care, jobs or Justice.

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  1. Maple Mary Ann Osterbrink

    Bless you Drew-198, so easy, and I talked to my Rep’s secretary which i not a great sign…phones need to be JAMMED!