Call, tweet, and post now to #BuildBackRenewable

Today is the last day of action with our friends at Beyond Extreme Energy to tell Congress to #BuildBackBetter by #BuildBackRenewable & #BuildbackFossilFree.

In case you missed it, there’s a link to the message we sent on the first day of action below. If you have 10 minutes today to help, here’s three simple actions you can take:

  1. Call the BXE Hotline 1(866) 455-3498 and follow the prompts to tell Congressional leaders to prioritize renewable energy, not fossil fuels.
  2. Post on social media and tell Congress to take action that prioritizes Renewable Energy
    If you’re looking for a quick message to tweet or share, here’s a few:
    1. Click here for a tweet you can share
    2. Click here for a Facebook post
    3. Click here for an instagram
  3. Check out the toolkit here for a full listing of Congressional phone numbers, social media accounts, and more — as well as info on what to say, and options to share!

Thanks, here’s a link to the post from earlier thus week if you need more background!


  1. Danielle Schneider

    We must prioritize the environment; because without a livable world everything else is moot.

  2. Danielle Schneider

    We must prioritize the environment; because without a livable world, everything else is moot.

  3. Oh, we’ll talk about it but nothing will get done…the super rich need more money…
    Gimme, gimme, gimme….fuck everything else…

  4. Go renewable.

  5. if we cannot breathe good air, drink clean water and grow in unpolluted ground; then game is over, since there is NO planet ‘B’…not even Mars!!

  6. Make a change and make a diffrent

  7. Clean Green Renewable!!

  8. Nothing much new for me to say here. We need a fierce, comprehensive plan AND action, to save our species. If we fail the planet Will survive, more robust, without the plague of humans.

  9. We must build back renewable to save the planet!