Join us Tuesday to Build Back Fossil Free

Important update on our campaign to convince President Biden to Build Back Fossil Free: Last week, we held an initial day of action, and then Biden canceled the KeystoneXL pipeline on the same day he was inaugurated.

This week, we’ve all heard that President Biden is planning a second series of climate announcements, probably focused on keeping fossil fuels in the ground, for Wednesday January 27. So just like last week, we’re planning a call to action the day before with our allies from the Build Back Fossil Free coalition. Click here to RSVP if you can you join us!

The rally Tuesday evening will feature frontline leaders fighting fossil fuel projects from Line 3 to the Gulf of Mexico, and California to New England. Together we’ll lay the groundwork and share plans to build on our early momentum. This digital rally is intended for individual activists and members of our collective bases, so please spread the word widely ASAP using materials in the updated Build Back Fossil Free Solidarity Guide.

Indigenous organizers and our climate justice movement won a huge victory last week, but we need to keep up momentum to make sure Biden follows through with immediate action to stop Line 3, the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), and more. Will you join us tomorrow evening for a digital rally to #BuildBackFossilFree?



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  2. Why are you being hostile toward Joe? You’re perpetuating the acrimonious atmosphere of the election, and using it against our greatest ally, Joe Biden. Show some maturity and use diplomacy to persuade President Biden. Also, I dislike your disrespect toward the leader of our party. Please take a few steps back and take a look at the bigger picture.

    • Not sure why you think we’re being hostile to President Biden. We’ve been positively celebratory of his decisions on KXL – but there is more to do, and it’s his job (the job we elected him to do) to do it. If you want to see hostile – look at how we treated Trump: We supported his impeachment (more than once) called for his cabinet to be blocked, fired, and impeached by Congress (and succeeded more than once) etc. None of that is like what we’re doing now – calling on Biden to live up to his promises and build back better by building back fossil free.