Tell FERC: Time’s up for the Mountain Valley Pipeline

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is years behind schedule, drowning in debt, and has no clear path to getting the permits it needs, let alone being built. But that didn’t stop them from going back to FERC and asking for more time.

The MVP is a 303 mile long fracked gas pipeline that Equitrans plans to build from Wetzel County, West Virginia, to Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Along the way it would cross the Appalachian trail, more than 1000 rivers and streams, and require clear-cutting wide tracks of the Appalachian mountains.

For years resistance has built against the MVP — including countless community rallies, several long-standing tree sits, and blockades by activists. Click here to tell FERC to deny their request, and stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline for good?

Due in part to that diligent work, the MVP is two years past its initial 2018 completion date and $2 billion over budget – including more than $2 million in fines imposed by the state of Virginia for violating environmental and public health lawsGiven all the fines and delaysthere are real questions about whether MVP is accurately reporting how much of the pipeline is being built, and investors are starting to get cold feet and abandon the project.

Despite all signs indicating that this pipeline is about to be canceled — as its sibling, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, was canceled in July — Equitrans has applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a two-year extension of its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. If this is granted Equitrans will be able to work longer on getting key permits that have halted construction.

You can help us stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline by signing this petition demanding that FERC deny Equitrans the certification extension!

All signatures received before September 11 will be included in official comments to FERC, and once you sign you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions on how to back up your signature with a hand-written comment.


  1. Please close this project and begin to care for our planet

  2. The time is definitely up for the Mountain Valley Pipeline.
    Good riddance!

  3. I’m in MT. Looking out the window right now, I can’t see the mountains that surround the house. Why? Because the smoke from California, Oregon, and Washington makes it impossible to see anything. These fires only get worse every year. Same with hurricanes, floods, and crop failures. This is not normal; it’s not El Nino or not raking the forests. In fact, as the oceans acidify and the glaciers melt, the currents themselves are changing, which affects not only fishing stocks, but the very weather itself. We have done this and we have to fix it before everything dies (except for cockroaches. They’ll be here until the sun dies.). For all of you christians, I can only assume that God’s going to be really pissed off that we destroyed his creation. Action needs to be taken NOW, before it’s too late.

  4. Please deny Equitrans the Certification extension ! for the Mountain Valley Pipeline. It is time to close the project and clean-up the mess.

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  6. Attn. FERC:
    Please deny Equitrans the Certification extension ! for the Mountain Valley Pipeline. It is time to close the project and clean-up the mess.