Locked in at #ShutDownDC

I’m locked arm-to-arm with activists from Rising Tide North America as part of the impressive #ShutDownDC action. Check out me statement and live feeds from more than a dozen blockades below:

I’m doing this because there’s no time left for business-as-usual; the climate crisis is here.  And yet every day of the last 3 years, the Trump administration has been a disaster for our climate and communities. In response, I’m doing what any responsible citizen or emergency responder would do – I’m shutting down the roads to contain the disaster that is Trump’s presidency. 

In this moment of crisis, the status quo IS the enemy. Doing nothing, going on about your life, is allowing more people to be burned in raging fires, drowned in superstorms, displaced by draughts and hurricanes. It’s a death sentence for millions. So it’s essential that we shut down DC and bring the whole dirty, corrupt system to a standstill. It’s even more essential that you join us: honor the strike by not going to work or school today.