BIG NEWS – Big French Bank Defunds Pipelines!

Thanks again for being one of more than 40,000 people to sign the petition demanding that big banks stop financing climate disasters and respect Indigenous rights.

I’ve got three important updates and ways you can help the campaign this week:

  • Today BNP Paribas announced that it’s cutting its funding for extreme oil and fracked gas projects in the US and Canada. While we (and our friends in France) will need ot monitor the implementation and details, the news is REALLY GOOD.1 Specifically: BNP Paribas will not fund new exploration, production, transportation and export projects related to Tar sands, fracked gas and the Arctic, nor the companies involved in more than 30% of their activities; The announcement includes a ban on funding Keystone XL and TransCanada, Line 3 and Enbridge, a Texas fracked gas export facility and any future gas export terminals in the Gulf; and more!2 — Can you help spread the news on Facebook and Twitter that we CAN stop these pipelines if we take away their funding?
  • Indigenous-led Mazaska Talks is calling for global days of action October 23-25 targeting the biggest banks. Can you sign up to host or attend an event in your town and spread the word?
  • Lastly, can you help us hit our goal of 100,000+ petition signatures by spreading the word to your family and friends online?

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French Bank BNP Paribas took a step in the right direction. 90 more banks to go:

Photo by Toben Dilworth / RAN