Tune in with us Thursday – Stop Trump’s Dirty Energy Agenda at FERC

For the last few months, at least 17 fracked gas projects worth an estimated $13 billion have been stalled at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). But now that FERC’s quorum has been restored, what’s next for the Atlantic Coast, Mountain Valley, NEXUS Gas, PennEast, WB Express, Delfin LNG, and many other projects?

That’s the topic of our Thursday night Webinar: Stop Trump’s Dirty Energy Agenda; the change starts here! Join us Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 6:30 pm ET / 3:30 pm PT

All of this is happening as the Senate and House are moving bills that would expand FERC’s authority. One of the House bills actually strips the president of the border crossing authority used to stop Keystone XL and gives it to FERC. But the worst of the bills is the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017, S. 1460. It expands FERC’s authority by requiring other permitting agencies to “give deference” to FERC and it limits FERC’s review of LNG facilities to 45 days. Plus, new court decisions are both strengthening and weakening our ability to battle pipelines.

Get up to speed on the latest with FERC and the Courts and then learn about what you can do to help push back.


6:30 Introduction
6:35 Roundup on recent court decisions and what they mean for battling pipelines
6:45 Overview of dirty energy bills moving through Congress and what they mean for FERC authority
6:55 FERC update, where things stand with the commissioners, what pipelines are right now in the FERC balance, and highlights of major actions on the ground.
7:05 What is happening September 20th in Washington DC and how you can get involved. Rally, FERC’s meeting, talking to Congress on the hill
7:15 Q&A

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