EPA retracts fracked statement in report

Who says internet petitions don’t work?

I just wanted to send you a quick update and share some exciting news from this week — You’re one of the thousands of people and a host of partners who asked the EPA to retract their report which inaccurately stated that fracking caused “no widespread, systemic impact” on drinking water.

Thanks to your advocacy, and the tireless work of frontline activists in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Texas (just to name a few of the places EPA studied during the 5 years they worked on this report), last week the EPA released a final version of that report that admitted the truth: Fracking can and does contaminate drinking water.

Coming so closely on the heels of our petition campaign, there’s no doubt that our advocacy and emails have helped make this happen. So THANK YOU again for signing on and speaking up – together, we made an impact.

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This is only a small step towards proving the dangers of fracking, and banning this dangerous and unnecessary drilling practice around the world. But the impact is real, and the media has taken notice. Dozens of newspapers and television stations covered the story of EPA’s retraction in the final report.

And because the report was ordered by Congress, not the Administration, there’s a good chance we can use these conclusions to delay or restrict fracking near the most vulnerable areas. Even Donald Trump can’t un-write this report, now that it’s finally been issued, and any moves he makes to expand fracking in our communities will have to be justified in light of these dangers.

Thanks again for all your work and advocacy on this issue,