This weekend, meet us in Baton Rouge for Climate Justice and Joy

For a long time, 198 methods has been dedicated to saving all we love about the Gulf coast: The environment, the culture and music, and most of all the people of the US’ too-often overlooked third coast.

Make no mistake, the fossil fuel industry is working overtime to destroy everything we hold dear. They’re in the middle of a massive buildout of new fossil fuel and false solution infrastructure that will be disastrous for our people, and the planet.

But there is still so much to love, and so much to save in the Gulf south. That’s why we’re so excited to be a part of the Gulf Gathering for Climate Justice and Joy on June 4th! 

Click here to join hundreds of other climate activists and revolutionary joy enthusiasts from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Florida in Baton Rouge this weekend! 

The fossil fuel industry is offering false promises like gas exports, carbon capture, plastics, and worse. This is a pivotal moment for the future of all we love about the Gulf South. 

Either our leaders let the fossil fuel industry continue to treat the Gulf like a sacrifice zone, or we build a future together where our culture and families thrive. 

To protect the Gulf South, we must take pride and joy in all that we love about the places we call home. Together, we can show the world that a thriving future for the Gulf South is possible and worth celebrating.

A hopeful future is still possible, if we develop strategies to realize it. On June 4, we’ll gather to celebrate everything we love about the Gulf South. Join us, and together, we’ll show everyone that it’s time to protect the people of this region, not the profits of those who extract from it.

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