Delivering on #Defund Formosa

More than 100,000 of us signed the petition to demand that Bank of America denounce environmental racism and not fund Formosa Plastics. This week, we’re delivering those signatures, and getting results.

In San Francisco, a flash mob took over a local Bank of America branch with song and banners. In Charlotte, an executive was coaxed out of Bank Of America’s headquarters office to receive the petition from a delegation of clergy and people of faith. And in New York City (where I am) we took over the glitzy glass lobby of Bank of America’s big building and floated a banner with the words “Defund Formosa so we can Rise”.

Check out some of the photos, videos and reports from our actions this week and share them online to lift up Rise St James, and show Bank of America, and all the banks that we demand they DEFUND the ‘sunshine project’, DIVEST from Formosa Plastics, & DENOUNCE Formosa’s environmental racism.

All these actions are powered by your signatures, activism and support. And later that night, Rise St James hosted a gathering in the heart of cancer alley to envision a world without plastics, pollution, or fossil fuel pollution. They dream of and design a world that can exist if Big Banks will only invest in people and communities, especially those led by black and brown women — and not in fossil fuels.

PS – it’s not too late to deliver your own message to Bank of America – click here for instructions on how to download the delivery packet, locate your local bank branch, and deliver the letter from Rise St James, backed by all our names and signatures.

Want to make your delivery look good? Thanks to a generous grant from our partners at Stop the Money Pipeline, we’re able to offer banners – hand painted or printed for speed and ease of delivery – to a limited number of partners. Here’s what the banners look like, if you’re interested in one, click here to get in touch.


  1. Fabulous job you guys! Wish I could have been there.

  2. Courage.

  3. Bryan Kent Wiegert

    Defund Formosa