UPDATE: Bernhardt caught red handed, Senate Committee votes to confirm him anyway

Early this morning, the New York Times released a story that proves that David Bernhardt – Trump’s corrupt, dirty nominee to replace Ryan Zinke as head of the Department of Interior – lied to Congress by continuing to lobby Interior more than a year after he swore he’d stopped.

The evidence is an April 2017 invoice that shows David Bernhardt billed $25,000 “for professional services rendered” in February 2017 – well after he filed official papers saying that he had ended his lobbying activities in April 2016. But it’s only the latest in a string of scandals that clearly show Bernhardt is a walking conflict of interest.

The full Senate is expected to vote next week – can you sign now to demand the Senate vote NO on Bernhardt, so we can deliver your name next week?

It should have been the smoking gun Democrats on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee needed to block, or at least delay his nomination. Instead, climate-denying Democrat in name only Joe Manchin (D-WV) joined Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Angus King (I-ME) and every single Republican voting in favor of Mr. Bernhardt’s confirmation.

But just because these two Democrats are traitors in the face of corruption and climate chaos, doesn’t mean the fight is over. The whole Senate doesn’t vote until next week (or later, if today’s news delays or derails Bernhardt’s nomination). And several Republicans are continuing to withhold how they will vote until Bernhardt promises them special favors and exemptions from his offshore drilling plan.

We need to make sure the whole Senate know’s Bernhardt’s a dirty, corrupt, climate denier before they vote. Sign now, and we’ll deliver your name next week along with our partners.

PS – need a refresher on Bernhardt and the dozens and dozens of shady deals in his past? Click here for the post earlier this week which has links to in depth reporting and investigations from the Times, DeSmogBlog, Outside and more.


  1. Doing what is right and good is not on Trump’s agenda. So really, how can this be stopped?

  2. Please reflect this nominee! Dept of the Interior has suffered enough turmoil; they need a very solid & outstanding leader.

  3. Another bad choice disgusting, need someone more competent

  4. #45 will always choose people that lies, fails to follow the law and puts his interests above those of the American people. That is the only people that can understand and support #45’s ways.

  5. Trump picks cabinet nominees with corrupt backgrounds. This guy is possibly worse than Zinke. I have thought all along
    that Trump is a Mafia boss. He conducts business as one.

    Diane Wood
    April 4, 2019

  6. Don Heckelmiller

    The Secretary of the Interior needs to be a man or Lady that knows AWE! We Need Awe of our breath. We need Awe of a rock. We need Awe of the Oceans, the grass, the Mountains, the People, the Rivers, OUR NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM. We Need LOVE For not only this Country. But the whole EARTH. With all the Earnestness of our Awake People of the EARTH, We beg of You to Think in the quiet of your being, 100 years Hence…Will WE BE or will WE Not.

  7. This is just another vacuous, sycophant, perverted trump offering. How long before the good people stop this nonsense?

  8. DRAIN Dump’s swamp

  9. Randall K. Foreman

    This should surprise nobody – republicans are the present day NSDAP.

  10. What’s the big deal? Lying is the lingua franca of the entire Trump Crime Family and Misadministration.

  11. Dump this corrupt nominee.

  12. Bernhardt is further proof, as if we needed any, that there is no such thing as a “former” industry lobbyist. Like every Trump nominee for every position, he is (1) unqualified, (2) corrupt, and (3) NOT nominated by a lawfully elected president.