Your mayor could save Net Neutrality

Late last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) caved to corporate interests and voted to eliminate Net Neutrality; That’s the basic concept that your internet provider cannot slow down your browsing on certain pages, block websites, or charge apps and sites extra fees to reach an audience. All legal content is treated the same.

It’s been crucial to new movements around the world because it ensures activists can share news and ideas at the same speed as corporations and governments. If you streamed a video from Standing Rock, shared a photo of that Greenpeace RESIST banner over the white house, or just shared one of our online petitions with a friend – you’ve relied on Net Neutrality.

The FCC’s massively unpopular decision has sparked a national movement to demand the return of real Net Neutrality. Thousands of us have already spoken out, but there’s a new way to help by asking your Mayor to defend Net Neutrality.

Click here to email your mayor and ask them to sign the Cities Open Internet Pledge.

mayors can save net neutrality

Mayors like Bill de Blasio of New York, Ted Wheeler of Portland and Steve Adler of Austin have already signed the Cities Open Internet Pledge, which requires all internet providers with whom they do business to follow a strong set of Net Neutrality principles. Within a week, more than 20 mayors took the pledge — but some have been slow to act. That’s why we’re asking for your help to call on ALL U.S. mayors to join the Cities Open Internet pledge. But your voice as a constituent is what matters most.

Urge your mayor to stand for Net Neutrality. Click here to send an email to your mayor, asking them to sign the Cities Open Internet Pledge — and join the national movement for an open internet!

Note: Below is a list of mayors who’ve signed onto the Cities Open Internet Pledge already. If your mayor is already on the list, Click here and enter your address on the right -you’ll be redirected to a page with a pre-drafted thank you email to send them instead.

Mayors who’ve signed onto the Cities Open Internet Pledge already:

Mayor Bill de Blasio — New York, NY
Mayor Steve Adler — Austin, TX
Mayor Ted Wheeler — Portland, OR
Mayor Ron Nirenberg — San Antonio, TX
Mayor Sly James — Kansas City, MO
Mayor Mark Farrell — San Francisco, CA
Mayor Catherine E. Pugh — Baltimore, MD
County Board of Supervisors Chair Zach Friend — Santa Cruz County, CA
Mayor Barney Seney — Putnam, CT
Mayor Paul Soglin — Madison, WI
Mayor Sam Liccardo — San Jose, CA
Mayor Jacob Frey — Minneapolis, MN
Mayor Ethan Strimling — Portland, ME
Mayor Steve Schewel — Durham, NC
Mayor Don Boeder — Gaylord, MN
Mayor Tom Feldkamp — Bow Mar, CO
Mayor Pauline Cutter — San Leandro, CA
Mayor Lucy Vinis — Eugene, OR
Mayor Lisa Swain — Fair Lawn, NJ
Mayor Laura Keegan — Edgewater, CO
Mayor Michael Tubbs — Stockton, CA
Mayor Ras Baraka — Newark, NJ
Mayor Steve Fulop — Jersey City, NJ
Mayor Andrew Ginther — Columbus, OH
Mayor Kim McMillan — Clarksville, TN
Mayor David Terrazas — Santa Cruz, CA
Mayor Frank Ortis — Pembroke Pines, FL
Mayor Lowell Hurst — Watsonville, CA
Mayor Shari Cantor — West Hartford, CT
Mayor Rick Davis — City of Tonawanda, NY
Mayor Sal Panto Jr — Easton PA
Mayor Alex Morse — Holyoke, MA
Mayor Michelle Distler — Shawnee, KS
Mayor G. David Gillock — North Ridgeville, OH
Mayor Michael M Vargas — Perris, CA
Mayor Lyda Krewson — Saint Louis, MO
Mayor Bob Scott — Sioux City, IA
Mayor David Martin — Stamford, CT
Mayor Walt Maddox — Tuscaloosa, AL
Mayor Paul Heroux — Attleboro, MA
Mayor Jean (John) Mordo — Los Altos, CA
Mayor Debra S. Lewis — Ashland, WI
Mayor Heidi Harmon — San Luis Obispo, CA
Mayor Miro Weinberger — Burlington, VT
Mayor Zachary Vruwink — Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Mayor Kim Driscoll — Salem, MA
Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer — Alameda, CA
Mayor Marc McGovern — Cambridge, MA
Mayor David M. DelVecchio — Lambertville, NJ
Mayor Adrian O. Mapp — Plainfield, NJ
Mayor Patrick Wojahn — College Park, MD
Mayor Tom Butt — Richmond, CA
Mayor Francis M. Womack III — North Brunswick, NJ
Mayor Dominic Persampiere — Oviedo, FL
Mayor Dan Horrigan — Akron, OH
Mayor Charles Lamb — Edmond, OK
Mayor Catherine Blakespear — Encinitas, CA
Mayor Peter d’Errico — Leverett, MA
Mayor John Heilman — West Hollywood, CA
Mayor Lydia E. Lavelle — Carrboro, NC