Dearest Justin …

You know you’re jealous of Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau: He insisted on a 50% female cabinet, listens to climate science, and does yoga on the regular. He’s like the opposite of Trump, and he’s right next door!

But as handsome and cool as he is, Trudeau has a serious flaw: he supports Tar Sands pipelines – even though they violate Indigenous rights and make it impossible for Canada to meet its climate commitments.

Click here to send a letterSo this Valentine’s Day, we’re teaming up with friends at Stand.Earth and the Other 98% to send Trudeau a love letter telling him to stop supporting Tar Sands pipelines. Can you sign on too?

The back story:

For years now, Justin Trudeau has supported the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that would run through rural communities without the consent of local landowners. And within his first year in office, he approved two major pipelines – Line 3 and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipelinewithout the consent of local First Nations.

That’s just wrong. The Tar Sands are one of Canada’s dirtiest secrets. Producing one barrel of Tar Sands oil creates up to 37% more emissions than conventionally-produced oil and gas. They’re a ticking climate bomb, and by supporting pipelines, Trudeau is playing with fire. Just last year, the Canadian Prime Minister said that “no country in the world would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and leave them there.”

Canada and Trudeau say they’re different than Trump and America. We all want to believe Justin can change, but to do it, he needs to keep fossil fuels in the ground. And to do that he needs to stop these dirty Tar Sands Pipelines.

Trudeau is loved by progressives all over the world. But he needs to know that we’re not going to let him selfie his way out of his promises on climate and Indigenous rights.

Send a message to the Canadian Prime Minister and tell him to cancel his pipelines and to take real action on Canada’s dirty Tar Sands.

Header image by Alex Guibord.
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  1. Justin – PLEASE help save our planet!! This pipeline will destroy our soil and water FOR DECADES – possibly longer – so please explain to us HOW THIS WILL BE GOOD FOR OUR PLANET AND PEOPLE. Do the RIGHT THING – for all of us.

  2. To Mr. Trudeau
    Many people are fooled by your facade. But I like others who see passed your charm. Are displeased on the direction the country is heading. And all the promises you broke. Including wanting green energy. Then pushing pipelines. That are ruining the environment. All because of free trades. And profit how can anyone believe you when go against your words. And FYI your immigration reform. Has ruined the integrity of what once a pristine beautiful country.

  3. I have some adorable cartoons created when your Dad was PM. Have you seen them? The series was the Outcasts and we used to live in London Ontario.
    Thought your Dad was great.