• 49 Democrats gave me an idea - This week 49 Democrats all voted together to oppose Bernard McNamee – Trump’s climate denying FERC nominee. It might not sound like a big deal, but it really is. Drew explains why in this video and you can chip in to help.
  • Every Democrat voted against McNamee, call now They told us that it’s over Re McNamee, it’s not - We only have a few hours to Stop McNamee for good, so I’ll make this fast: Something amazing happened late yesterday in the US Senate: After weeks of our calls, emails, deliveries, protests and a personal visit from me and a team of BXE activists to Chuck Schumer Monday Every Democrat in the Senate took a […]
  • video still Stop McNamee, Block Manchin, Act on Climate with a Green New Deal - If you’re one of the more than 30,000 people who already signed our petition stop Bernard McNamee: Thank you. (If not, sign here) You’ll remember that just last week McNamee was under fire in a Senate Energy Committee over a speech he he gave calling for a “unified campaign” to support fossil fuels. He also falsely claimed that […]
  • Un-Trump the COP24 climate talks Un-Trump the Climate Talks - Did you see this? Donald Trump gave a rambling, incoherent, interview to the Washington post in which he (amongst other things) once again denies the science of climate change — including the report from his own administration released last Friday which shows that the climate crisis is already hurting and killing Americans. It’s got to […]
  • US emissions projections from 4th national climate assessment 3 graphs, a photo from space, and a mission - Last year I wrote a great post about what’s really at stake with climate change, and why I was starting 198 methods to push the fight in the US. It’s still great, and you should go read it if you haven’t already. I sent it out as a fundraiser on GivingTuesday, and got some positive […]