• Stop Kavanaugh, Save Scotus, Call now Make the call to Stop Kavanaugh - Have you met Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee to the supreme court? He’s everything you expect, and more: He’s ruled in favor of more mercury in our water, more pollution in our air, and he has it in for the EPA and climate science. But there’s something nobody knows about Kavanaugh, something the Washington Post this […]
  • Jerry Brown has one last chance to fight climate change Sit in to make Jerry Brown Stand up for Climate - California Governor Jerry Brown likes to talk a good game on climate. He speaks often about climate action and science, and describes himself as a sort of “Anti-Trump” on climate action. As a centerpiece of that plan, Brown has invited governors and Mayors from around the world to California Next month for a Global Climate […]
  • Rise for climate: No new fossil fuel projects, 100% renewable energy, not a penny more Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice - On September 8th, we’re joining partners from around the world in the streets for the Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice actions. Our goal is to show our local elected leaders that we demand action on climate change. Will you join us? When Trump pulled the U.S. out of Paris Climate Agreement, he committed our whole country […]
  • Video still from Charlotte #RiseTogether About to go live in Raleigh for #RiseTogether day 2 - I’m about to start another live stream at the Raleigh #RiseTogether rally, so I’ll get right to the point: Can you donate to support these solidarity actions in North Carolina and our ability to help organize them? Yesterday, I got up super early and drove to Charlotte for the first North Carolina #RiseTogether Action. I’m not a […]
  • Trump, Pruitt (now fired) and Zinke Save the Endangered Species Act. - Donald Trump and his Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke have declared war on the Endangered Species Act. It’s a terrible policy motivated by greed, blood-lust and a disdain for the natural world. One part of the policy seems designed to support trophy hunters like Trump’s sons, and follows a pattern of Trump supporting the most extreme […]