• We can't fight climate change unless we fix our food and ag sectors What are we going to eat under the Green New Deal? - Ok, you’ve heard the hype: The Green New Deal is going to ban hamburgers (it doesn’t); the Green New Deal will force vegan soylant green on the unwilling masses (nope); The Green New Deal doesn’t care about farmers — actually, on that last one, it could do a better job helping farmers, but not because […]
  • Sign now to stop the williams pipeline There’s no room for the Williams fracked gas pipeline in the Green New Deal - Since the start of this year, I’ve been telling you about the exciting Green New Deal proposed by NY Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’ve also been straight with you (and members of Congress) about what I see as one of the resolution’s main failings: that it doesn’t explicitly rule out pipelines and fossil fuel infrastructure in […]
  • Dominion press conference Dirty, Dishonest, Dominion Energy #DIVEST! - We had a busy 2 days of action targeting dirty, dishonest, Dominion Energy at their shareholder meeting in Columbia SC this week. Check out the reportback video on all our actions, or scroll down to read an account of the more than 5 hours of meetings, speeches and actions. Once you see all the stuff […]
  • Banner at Bank of America . meeting Shareholder season update - It’s been a busy few weeks with Drew and the 198 methods crew running around DC, North Carolina and other locations to support direct action campaigns that challenge fossil fuels and climate chaos. In particular, this spring, we’ve been working on getting the biggest banks, regulators and corporations behind the build out of fossil fuel […]
  • FERC No Federal Renewable Energy Commission YES! Up in the air to stop the pipelines - This morning, I got up early, climbed a ladder 35 feet up, and perched on top of the front door of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with a banner that reads “FERC NO, Federal Renewable Energy Commission YES!” It’s not a 100% safe, or legal way to make a point. But I thought it was […]