• People over Pipelines North Carolina Climate Resistance Actions this week - Wanted to let you know about a series of upcoming actions in North Carolina to fight back against climate change. There are forums in Charlotte, and other cities this week, and a big march this Saturday, Nov 16, in Robeson County. Check out the details below, or click here to see all the events listed […]
  • We the people not Fossil Fuel CEOs banner The climate crisis isn’t an accident, it’s a crime. - On indigenous peoples day — a holiday that reclaims the memory of this continent and how it was colonized, not discovered, by Europeans — it’s important to also remember that the climate crisis didn’t “just happen”; Like Columbus, this crisis didn’t arrive at random, nor are its impacts felt equitably by all. So, how did […]
  • Hurricane Dorian over the Bahamas Justice for the Bahamas; Justice for climate refugees. - It’s been just over a month since the Bahamas were slammed by Hurricane Dorian. The Category 5 storm killed dozens of people and left more than 70,000 Bahamians homeless. But when families fled for the US mainland looking for shelter and a safe place to stay while they rebuild, the Trump administration slammed the door. […]
  • No Coal No Gas Action No Coal, No Gas. Nobody will shut Merrimack down for us. - The Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, NH, is the last large coal plant in New England without a shut-down date. On September 28th we will gather in Bow for a mass nonviolent direct action to shut down this plant. Nobody‚Äôs going to close this coal plant for us. Continuing to burn coal and build fracked […]
  • Show up to tell Gov Cooper Show up to Demand Cooper walk the talk - You remember North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper as the Democrat who promised climate action, but instead approved the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and colluded with Duke energy to mess with our communities and climate. Cooper is a leading example of the climate hypocrisy in the Democratic party. Cooper’s latest swindle is his so-called Clean Energy Plan, […]